The phrase consensus facit legem is a Latin maxim which means consent makes the law. A contract is a legal agreement between the parties, and consent is an inevitable component for the legality of contract. The consent must be free and fair and should not be induced by fraud, misrepresentation, coercion or mistake.

We are governed by consent. I have yet to hear this statement be contested. And some in the know have confirmed that it is indeed the case. The way many of us read this is that something cannot become law if it is seen that the people withhold their consent. We have the power.

Two days to register your withholding consent to becoming totally transparent to all government departments. To have your personal details viewed by numerous temps, perhaps? Who knows? What we do know is that government’s track record with protecting our data is less than satisfactory and it seems nothing can be done when they do mess up. If you do not consent to your details potentially being accessed by any Tom, Dick or Harry then consider withholding your consent.

Strangely, people seem reluctant to do this. But the present consultation on Single Entity Government is just what it says on the can, I would suggest. Government is asking the people if they consent to this proposal. Now is your opportunity to say ‘NO’. To state clearly, ‘Your track record is abysmal and I do not consent to my personal details being potentially accessible to every civil servant.’

Here is the link you need. http://www.gov.im/ConsultationDetail.gov?id=507

The consultation document appears to be a pdf form of the Big Debate (LOL). It only serves to confuse many of us. Just email your response to the link given if you wish to make it clear that you do not consent to this proposal. Make use of your rights asap. The consultation closes on 31st July 2015.


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