If you think we live in a democracy where your vote counts – think again. Just how much do we learn about government processes and decisions? Why can so much legislation be rushed through yet the Freedom of Information Act is still a work in progress? (Especially when we normally simply copy and paste UK legislation – quote from Chris Robertshaw prior to the 2011 election ). And when the act does take form why will it place so many restrictions on the information we can obtain? How is it that our new legislation frequently neatly lines up with EU legislation? (Try copying and pasting some random wording into a search engine). Why do so many feel that their wishes are simply ignored and that government is riding roughshod over the electorate? One reason could quite simply be that members of a certain gentlemen’s club are pledged to help each other. But supposing a corrupt and ruthless network deep within international government had cleverly set things up so that no one is really aware how things work?

‘Rings within rings within rings’. There may be an assortment of different groups and different names – but that is how you hide your tracks. And maybe this is a very effective way of dictating to the minions. Especially when ‘useful idiots’* who fluff their plumage and pride themselves on their part in global affairs cannot or do not want to see that they are being used.

James Corbett takes a look at hidden groups and how they function. Common Purpose is a name that pops up too! A topical issue. Kate Beecroft is presently seeking more information about CP courses and graduates in IOM Government.


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