If you watched the previous video you will understand why placing our hopes on a new candidate for 2016 elections is being neither active or realistic. There are too many unknowns within the system. And if your chosen candidate gets lucky he may soon discover that he is a lone voice and that ‘rings within rings within rings’ are what makes things tick. (Please see previous post). In any case, what happens if our chosen candidate is unsuccessful or is no longer able to continue with his role for some reason? Sit back and wait for the next election? Then someone will come along who will put things right? is that adult behaviour? Adults take responsibility for their well-being.

Good health is essential if we are to begin to take control of our lives and sidestep the system. (Remember the system can only remain in place if we support every facet of it). Assuming responsibility for our health is essential. This entails research and ensuring that we do not simply go to the first source available.

Big Pharma is there to make money. How can you make money if you cure people? How often have you heard that the illness cannot be cured but it can be managed? Once we allow ourselves to be managed we hand over responsibility for our well-being to someone else. Frequently, those who do this discover that more and more medication is necessary to alleviate side effects from prescription drugs.

There are many, many ways to improve our health and wellbeing. No way would I attempt to advise anyone on health care but from personal experience i can tell you that taking responsibility for your health is liberating in itself. It is worth remembering that doctors vary in their opinions. There is no ‘right way’. We must make informed decisions.

However, Big Pharma likes to hang on to control as far as possible and despite the fact that many pharmaceuticals have potentially horrendous side effects we are warned that cannabis, a natural plant with many beneficial properties, is dangerous and we should not be permitted to use it. Not even medical cannabis, Mr Singer?  Perhaps our MHKs should check out the following video from a previous blogpost:

Personally, I have never used cannabis but I do use hemp oil as a food supplement with fresh juices as part of a healthy diet. Taking charge of our health results in huge benefits. And helps remove our dependence on a system that many feel is not up to standard. Above all, many natural remedies are vastly cheaper than pharmaceuticals and the appropriate use of non-pharmaceutical therapies could help ensure that money goes where it is needed in the health service. Did you know that many people do not take their prescribed medication and that this is disposed of in large quantities? Why is this?

Best wishes for success in taking charge of your wellbeing.


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