There is little point in attempting to analyse what exactly happened in Paris. The powers that be are releasing very little real information. They tell us that a number of people were killed in an attack on Friday 13th and that IS is responsible. Once again there had been a practice run of dealing with a terrorist attack on the day of the event. Just like 9/11 and 7/7. Once again a seemingly sturdy, fire-resistant passport is considered to be evidence of those responsible. You couldn’t make it up. But let’s leave the speculation to others. Whatever or whoever was behind the attacks we need to look at the possible consequences, for all of us, which may result from this occurrence.

Most normal people find atrocities abhorrent and wish to express their sympathy and solidarity towards the families of those involved. While the public is still in shock and are maybe also fearful followingthe reports of what happened in Paris it is very easy to slip in some further restrictions on our freedoms. For our safety, of course! Internet restrictions, which were already under discussion, are now becoming a real possibility. Other possibilities which have been mentioned are house searches without warrants and further restrictions on our travel. All to keep us safe, of course.

How many young adults will remember the Red Army Faktion in West Germanyin the 1970s? Or the terrorist activities in Italy in the 1980s? Did they have anything in common? It would seem that US stay-behind armies operating ostensibly to protect us from the supposed threat of encroaching communism were in fact behind the killing of innocent civilians. Why? In order to cause turmoil in the countries involved and in the hope that this would lead to tighter links to the US.

Nowadays it seems that most western countries are indeed closely linked to the US and the reaction to terrorist action is now seemingly always linked to removal of our freedoms in some way or other. Be it herding us like cattle through security areas when we travel or recording of our conversations and an ever more invasive intrusion into our everyday lives.

Therefore, it is worth standing back from emotion, horror and sympathy to take a dispassionate look at what is being proposed. Further removal of freedoms is the next step. Yet many countries and peoples endure the consequences of constant terrorist action. But sadly the world is not too interested in them. And leaders have never tried to impose further totalitarian restrictions on freedom in an attempt to prevent further killing. If the victims are not European then they are not particularly interesting for the western media – unless of course, the situation might present a reason for ‘peaceful’ countries to become involved in the battles.

So before we eagerly agree to permitting increasingly draconian measures to be introduced perhaps we should learn from history and take another look at Operation Gladio and how the stay-behind armies were the cause of unrest in stable European countries because it suited the USA. Some suggest that Gladio has never been disbanded as no one has ever been charged with committing these offences – these killings.

Please check out the following link which includes many source links:  www.globalresearch.ca/operation-gladio-cia-network-of-stay-behind-secret-armies/9556

And if you feel that it can’t be true unless the BBC reports it, try this:  Operation Gladio full documentary 1992 BBC.







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