While we were recently treated to a large quantity of media hype involving all the dedicated proponents of the man-made climate change theory who met in Paris, no one mentioned the ongoing and intentional climate manipulation conducted by the US and other countries. Is that not just a little strange? If we are going to have our lives radically changed in order to restrict CO2 emissions then surely we should make sure that we have the full picture?

Still not buying into the weather manipulation theory? It is not a theory.  From the Lynmouth floods in 1952 RAF rainmakers to Operation Popeye in Vietnam History Channel report it is apparent that weather manipulation has been ongoing for decades. And it seems that NASA has been involved for decades: 1966 report on NASA study of weather modification activities .

Was anyone aware of these activities at the time? Not the general public anyway. Why? It was classified information. Therefore it stands to reason that present weather modification methods are not being revealed to the public. Strangely, many believe that if it was not included in a news broadcast then it is not happening.

These links are worth checking out. Especially for those who cannot believe that military forces would manipulate the weather:

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Some may need to digest the above information. But there is more. The following video describes how HAARP is old hat these days and takes a look at far more effective methods of tampering with the ionosphere: Ionospheric heaters

The part that caused me most concern was the fact that this latest technology can override the Schumann frequency. The natural heartbeat of the planet. 


Is CO2 really the Big Bad Wolf? Or are these climate catastrophes being man made with intention?