Sensitive to Electro Magnetic Frequencies? It seems a number of readers are in one way or another. Although the topic is frequently dismissed as nonsense (globally there is a lot of money riding on EMFs) there is plenty of anecdotal evidence around which suggests that a percentage of the population are indeed sensitive to EMFs and there are many examples of greatly improved health when the individual is protected from the frequencies.

The telecom industry appears to muddy the water with references to ‘no evidence of response to heating’ statements. Some of those who have carried out research and have helped EMF sensitive people view the heating reference as a red herring. From personal experience I can relate that I was able to sleep through the night for the first time in a few years once I started flicking the bedroom fuse switch at night. It is essential for the immune system that there is little or preferably no night time EMF disturbance. Once your sleep improves your general health starts to look up as well.

If you are generally unwell and have found no solution, reducing EMF exposure is a good place to start, in my opinion.

Some basic steps to reduce exposure:

  • Hard wire your internet access. Get rid of wifi.
  • Use an old fashioned phone with cord. Cordless phones constantly emit EMF. The base is a particular source of disturbance. If you wish to keep your cordless there are more expensive versions available which only seek the signal during calls – not 24/7 as with conventional cordless.
  • Keep cell phone calls to a minimum.
  • Flick fuse switch at night. If this brings improvement, consider purchasing interruption devices which can be installed.



Yes, there has been a lack of blogposts of late. More and more people are aware of what is going on in the world and adding to the outpourings of doom and gloom that surround us on social media and news outlets seems pointless. It is almost five years since the very first blogpost. Frustrated by local politics and hoping to raise awareness of issues beyond the realms of dog poo, embracing the opportunity to raise issues online, and possibly reaching some like-minded seemed a good idea. As it turned out the blog has many more international readers than locals. Election year has come around again but I am not considering investing any of my time on addressing the issues involved. The system remains the same and beneficial change is highly unlikely.

The issues are much the same here as anywhere else in the western world. I suspect many are only too aware of the problems these days and now seek solutions. Do you also tire of the weekday broadcasts from alternative media that provide no real alternatives? The endless wind-up emails and scare stories have most probably done nothing to alleviate the issues that face us. Right?

The search for solutions is time-consuming. The Freemen theory is fine, but how many freemen have landed in prison? That does not seem so free to me. Yes, it is a learning curve and while the research being carried out is admirable, I would not recommend this route to anyone at present. If any readers have had success, please let us know.

It’s the Jesuits. No it’s the Jews, or is it the Freemasons or Common Purpose graduates who are to blame for our ongoing enslavement to corporate powers? Does it matter? While I continue to research as well, it seems to me that the web is simply too complex to lay the blame with any one group, and while awareness is desirable we may as well accept the fact that we are not going to put an end to secretive organizations.

We need to free ourselves from the system as best we can. Ignore them and they will go away? Unlikely. But the more we engage with the system and our oppressors the more we perpetuate the present situation.

More to follow very soon.