Get them young and ensure they accept indoctrination and petty controls. This is one way of ensuring the population becomes as compliant as possible. A police officer in the US threatened a class with instant jail, without notifying parents, if they misbehaved in class. We are told fear plays a big part in the US educational system:

Presumably, this primes the next generation to heed the persistent paranoid warnings emanating from the US government. But life is terminal. While we may do our best to ensure we live as long and well as possible it is surely pointless to spend our time on earth worrying about how it will end. We are wasting precious living time. However, the constant warnings can be used very effectively in keeping the masses under control and conditioning the children to fall in line is an obvious necessity to this end.

Did you watch Make Me a German last night? While the British family attempting to integrate into the German way of life in a short time may have had one or two difficulties adjusting to German lifestyle, the issue of  the upbringing of children was not one of them. The mother commented very positively on the fact that children were playing outdoors in nursery school (they were climbing trees) instead of spending the day under artificial light. The fact that children do not start school until they are seven and the shorter school day, sometimes ending around 11.30, which prevents many mothers from working outside the home was viewed by the British mother in a very negative light. She obviously prefers the British trend of permitting the State to effectively bring up the children. It’s a set up. Base a mortgage on both salaries and then the mother is obliged to continue working full time when children come along. Choosing to work is one thing but for many British parents there are no options available.

Children enter into the care of the state at an early age. This state care now extends to dictating what the the children are to eat and of course, what they are to wear. and arguably, how they are to think. Unlike their German counterparts, British full time mothers often feel apologetic for not working outside the home. While the German homemaker takes a pride in raising the child for a good part of the day  and enjoys providing wholesome food and outdoor activities.

Maybe this lifestyle has become so alien that few Brits could even contemplate it. Many prefer the ‘recognition’ of their colleagues to playing a major part in the upbringing and general good health of their families, or so it seems. It is a personal choice but in my opinion pursuing a career when children are still in nappies demands a huge sacrifice of family time (which can never be recovered). This is tragic enough but by far the worst side of this is that British parents have little input in their children’s lives in comparison to some other countries. The state steals the child at an early age, it seems to me. But is the state doing a good job of child care and raising children? A comparison of British teenagers with their counterparts from other countries suggests to me that this is not the case.

Is constant interference from the Nanny State really what we need? Wouldn’t increased personal parent input be more desirable? As long as we accept that the state steps into raising our children from an early age then nothing will change. But maybe that’s the intention.

Women’s lib. Was that about a mother’s right to work or were there other reasons for the CIA funding contribution to this cause? The late Aaron Russo was a former friend of Nick Rockefeller:



At long last Manx Radio has caught up with the story. This morning’s report about the huge amount of over-referrals in the Department of Social Care was overdue. Mr Llewellyn-Jones’ statement was clear and concise. With over 900 referrals and around 1000 births per year, statistically seen every child could be netted into the system at some point. The vast majority of these referrals are not followed up. In other words, this is unnecessary and therefore undesirable intervention. The result of this crazy system, which has necessitated importing social workers at high cost to the taxpayer, appears to be that they are wasting their time investigating non-existent cases and this could result in their overlooking the real and possibly serious cases.

Mr Robertshaw’s stance seems to be that he inherited the catastrophic system and pulling the plug risks overlooking a serious case of  a child in need of ss intervention, but surely that is exactly the issue with the present system. The over-referrals could lead to overworked social workers missing the crucial case. Therefore, I would suggest that Mr Robertshaw’s claim does not really hold water.

However, this costly and intrusive practice has surely raised a pressing point. If Mr Robertshaw did not introduce the measures, and it seems highly unlikely that they were the brainchild of his predecessor, then who did? Despite assurances from the government that the public’s view on Every Child Matters had been noted and that no database would be introduced, both the ECM policy and a database were introduced – without public notification. The ‘new working practices’ which prompted Martyn Quayle to request around half a million pounds a couple of years ago, were seemingly based on Every Child Matters and a database was put in place without a word to the public.

We are being told that this was all a fait accompli? Somehow, without anyone’s knowledge, the entire system was put into place. A system which has cost the taxpayer dearly, while cuts have been made in the education department. Someone, somewhere was responsible for pushing this agenda – and it is essential we discover how this system really works. Mr Robertshaw did not disclose the situation in his department, until questioned, and now continues to make lame excuses for the continuance of the costly chaos there. Who is really behind this? Where did the directive come from? If we do not succeed in uncovering how this situation arose then we leave ourselves open for further underhanded situations. And where will it end?

The procedures should be changed forthwith and those responsible held accountable – whoever they may be.


File:Surveillance video cameras, Gdynia.jpeg

Beware! Our telecommunications are being observed. That is the message in the media and the warning is promptly being posted on Facebook. Suddenly, the mainstream is full of reports of Big Brother surveillance. One article contained the words ‘Watch what you say!’

I have been aware of intermittent tampering with my telecommunications in the past. What did I do? I kept on talking, surfing, emailing and generally communicating. Result? Nothing happened. How easy it is to prevent the as-yet-unawakened from waking up. There could just be a grain of truth in this conspiracy stuff, they think. Appetite whetted they start surfing and researching only to hear that we are all under surveillance. Better not pursue things then? Exactly the desired reaction. Could it be that social networks are having an undesired impact on the status quo? And the predictable reaction: Attempt to instil fear.

In my case the surveillance coincided with my first research into the actual conspiracies our system is built on. I know exactly what triggered the eavesdropping etc. and was also aware that I was doing nothing wrong. However, the excessive response was a clear demonstration of paranoia. Nothing to hide. Nothing to fear. So why the surveillance when I attempt to question and research things? The reaction only served to change my initial casual curiosity into determined research.

There have been other attempts at intimidation in the past. Yes, we are under observation. So give them something to keep them busy. Pass on links, emails, telephone to your heart’s content. Overload the system. Who knows, we might even convert the spies and eavesdroppers?


Thank goodness for holidays.The more I compare life in Germany to the present situation in the UK the more the UK’s intended downfall becomes apparent. Below are just a few instances where we presently differ from our German neighbours:

Take drones for instance, despite huge investments in these aircraft it has now been brought to public attention that their deployment would be in contravention of a clause in the German constitution. Let us hope no get-out clauses are found there.

A mainstream television programme this evening gave us the lowdown on prescribing psychopharmaceuticals for children. Highlighting the side effects and the ever-increasing profits for Big Pharma. We were left in no doubt about the downside to the American drive to achieve compliant children by drugging them in large numbers (my description). Ever-increasing amounts of children on drugs is neither necessary nor desirable. Is it likely that the BBC would permit such a programme?

Further encouraging news is that fracking is still on hold.

It gets better. Manners are still considered a positive attribute and there is little evidence of the declining standards evident in the UK. Oh yes – there is a distinct lack of wall to wall CCTV coverage too. Isn’t it amazing how the place hasn’t been overrun by crime and criminals?

Healthy food is also valued more than on the other side of the channel.

So why are we plummeting towards a totalitarian systenm with maximum state interference? Because we allow it to happen.

Life can be different if we can be bothered to try to uphold standards and refuse to accept the nanny state. This is a breath of fresh air to me.

PS To German friends: Nowhere is perfect and you seem to be way ahead of us in recognising totalitarian tendencies and taking action. However, you are a long way away from the extent of social decline and state interference we have in GB.


The Protecting Children Board has

  • no legal status and therefore cannot be registered with Data Protection.
  • Nevertheless, it incorrectly claims to be endorsed by the Data Protection Supervisor’s office.
  • The Board makes no distinction between ‘need’ and ‘protection’ resulting in 670 over-referrals! Yes, 670 families unnecessarily subjected to humiliating and worrying prying into family affairs right here in the Isle of Man.
  • Families were referred because of low-income! How about that for social engineering?

The bottom line is that government has happily decided to continue with a very questionable situation. Tynwald, for reasons best known to members, decided to reject the Commission’s recommendations, which addressed the above issues and preferred to permit the department to continue with a system that is neither legal nor efficient.

Can you imagine the pain and anguish the over-referrals cause? These cases are not followed up but initial referral and inquiry could cause enormous stress within a family unit. How does that feel to be referred because your finances are being questioned? Something you may well have little control over. Sickness, redundancy, low hourly wage could all contribute to a family being categorised as ‘low income’. Is this reason to investigate the family? The unspoken threat is that the children might be removed. Ask any family which has had experience of unnecessary investigation how worrying this is.

However, it seems that government has not got a leg to stand on as it continues to operate this non-statutory system. Indeed, IOM Gov could face endless court cases if it does nothing to change the situation. Is Mr Robertshaw powerless to change things or does he not wish to?

Please read the excellent letter in today’s Examiner, from which I have extracted the above details, for a clear insight into this murky affair.


The Department of Education and Children introduced a pupil database ‘under the radar’. This was at a cost of hundreds of thousands of pounds and despite the fact that the public had very clearly rejected a centralised pupil database. The Office of Data Protection  was not aware that the database was in operation and therefore has no input. The above has already been stated in detail on the blog:

and has now been openly confirmed by Brenda Cannell in a radio interview.  She points out that the recommendations of the appointed committee which looked into the situation were, it seems, dismissed out of hand by Tynwald, which saw no reason to change the situation.

Of course the Department of Education and Children tries to say that this was a time-saving measure. No longer is it necessary to have an officer manually deal with basic details of pupils, absenteeism stats etc. No reference is made to the fact that this was at huge expense to the taxpayer and that the department was actually looking to delve more deeply into schooling issues than had previously been the case:

Various additional issues not previously covered included the plan to compare the academic achievements of children from different backgrounds such as:  looked after children, children with disabilities, low level SEN [Special Educational Needs], youngest children in cohort, achievement of pupils wiith entitlement to free school meals etc.

This is highly sensitive information yet the Office of Data Protection has no input. Tynwald thinks it is just fine to do this – and at the same time ignore all the work put in by the committeee. It seems there is no legislation in place for this procedure and Brenda Cannell tells us that parents could and can refuse to have information about  children entered on the database. If a sufficient number of parents do this the database will become obsolete until the situation is addressed.

Many feel that government runs roughshod over us. This is an opportunity to show we do have clout by refusing to permit this Orwellian-like snooping. Why should we comply? Non-compliance is a simple and effective tool.






1Will this help people wake up? A Saudi Arabian made a patent application in Germany for a killer microchip intended to be implanted under the skin. His reason for this invention? The tracking device would be useful in the case of those who outstay visas. The killer switch could be employed in the case of ‘terrorists’ etc.

Yes, you read that right. It is not only possible to killer microchip humans, but patents on this technology are being sought.

Remember how they patented geoengineering a couple of decades ago? Of course it’s not in use, they tell us. Just some innocent little nanoparticles being sprayed around? That’s how it starts. Take out a patent and then covertly start cashing in.

We need to know what is being sprayed. And we need to get the word out about the killer microchips. The German patenting authority rejected the application on the ground that patents could not be issued for inventions which contravened ‘good manners’ or public order. Where will the next patent application be made?

Please share this information.


Remember the ‘Cold War’? The Iron Curtain? Maybe you don’t. Perhaps you have to be nearing your sell-by date to have experienced that era. How convenient for those who wish to mimic the communist system. For readers who do recall those times I will provide a quick flashback: We were told how communist countries were hiding behind the Iron Curtain. The people there were not free. There was no free media and propaganda ensured that they had little idea about what was happening elsewhere. Worse still – they were warmongers. Anyone showing an interest in Russia and its satellite countries were immediately laballed as ‘reds’ and to be disregarded. Furthermore, we were told that the West was engaged in freedom-fighting. We had fought off the Nazis, at great cost, because we ‘the goodies’ support liberty and freedom of speech. How sad then to see how the ‘freedom’ achieved and paid for with many, many lives is simply being thrown away. No – given away.

The US has introduced new laws enabling them to tap into just about anything;
Western mainstream news programmes are seemingly just as selective about news stories as any USSR media were.
Propaganda is rife i.e. one-sided reporting of the Israel/Palestinian issue and free speech is endangered. It could just be coincidence of course but shortly after the blogposts about Boston and my comment about the involvement of military personnel in apparent scaremongering I find that my Facebook account requires me to prove I am not a robot! OK I type in the letters and I’m back in Facebook, only to discover that the blogs links I post now lead to a page where it is suggested that the blog is spam!

Whatever your opinion of my blog I’m sure you’ll agree that it is not spam. I make no money from this blog, Facebook, so what would be the point of spamming? The adverts are from WordPress. Regular readers know that the blog contains genuine comment on issues often not covered by mainstream. It is text-rich and liked on Google for that reason. It is genuine! So what possible reason could Facebook have for suspecting that this is spam – after the comments about the American military personnel (I’m sure it’s a coincidence. They wouldn’t have certain trigger words set up, would they?).

Facebook does itself no favours by doing this because I will continue to raise awareness of attempted censorship until the issue is resolved. Frankly, there is nothing but nothing about my blog that could be considered to be spam therefore I take this to be an infringement of free speech.



If you watched the harrowing scenes from the kidnap video

you may be wondering why this heartbreaking childsnatching was taking place. Why was a day-old baby being removed from loving parents? Because. Because the state decided that the mother was not capable of rearing the child. This decision was taken in a secret court. There was no suggestion of the parents being any danger to the child.  It seems that this was not an issue.

Reports of child-stealing by the state are ever-increasing and although the victims were previously single or vulnerable mothers we are now seeing professionals suffering the same attacks on their parenthood. Even social workers have been on the receiving end of things.

A recent article in the Telegraph clearly demonstrates how far things have gone. An anonymous letter resulted in an innocent couple becoming the target of over-zealous social workers and developing into a nightmare situation where social services contacted the school and the family doctor without family knowledge. The family took the council to court.

Judge Anthony Thornton’s judicial review drew the “inescapable conclusion” that the authority had illegally escalated its inquiry to the highest possible level purely because the mother had the temerity to complain

Other quotes from the article:

A state in which this can happen is a state out of control

CD, an active trade unionist when younger, says: “I studied Sovietology for years, the single party, the single state, and it’s the way to understand Haringey. You’re the enemy if you dare challenge. Our case shows how any evidence can be made to seem deviant. A state in which this can happen is a state out of control. Everyone makes mistakes but Haringey’s programming is: ‘We make sure that no one finds out.’

The video below contains further information about the kidnap of the one day old baby. The Telegraph article and the following video surely spells out the concerns many of us have about the present situation within the British Isles. Extremist systems have never been proudly announced prior to their realisation. They are always introduced step by step.

The next Tynwald sitting includes the presentation of the Committee of Enquiry’s report into the unlawful Pupil Database. A surveillance system set up without the knowledge of the public. Please be aware.


Just how much does it take until people actually say ‘enough’? Today’s views of international news show that restrictions, intrusions, interference and surveillance of our daily lives is ever-increasing. Throughout the world there is a growing awareness of the relentless removal of personal freedom.

Bloggers and citizen journalists continue to increase the focus on the cavalier behaviour of the callous elite. Many of us invest time and money in resistance of the controlling elite. Yet we also scratch our heads in wonder at the lack of action from some who are awake but seemingly feeling powerless. There can be no doubt where this present situation is leading. Those already in dire straits have no choice but to pay the increasing prices and charges which are being levied while incomes shrink. Benefit recipients are being tarred with one brush and the media seem content to ignore the plight of many who are dependent on welfare as a result of redundancy, illness or bereavement. This is only the beginning.

I am not alone in my belief that the attacks on the vulnerable members of society are constructed (how many bankers, corrupt MPs etc have been taken to court?). Those on low incomes are being pushed to their limits. When income slides below subsistence level the result is frequently uprising and revolution. With a reduction in the law enforcement budget and an increase in surveillance and the introduction of radical police tactics It is not difficult to see where this might lead. Waiting till backs are against the wall is not advisable.

It is understandable that some are reluctant to take action if they feel they are vulnerable to repercussions. However, hiding heads in the sand will result only in further measures being introduced. We have the power. We can be active by writing letters to MHKs and the press, posting on Facebook and Twitter and making our views known, as well as informing others of the issues that concern us. This is hardly insurrection. Now is the time to do this. History shows us that ignoring governments that seek to control the masses without providing transparency leads to one thing only. We still have the chance to make your views known.

Exaggeration? Scaremongering? The next blogpost may well dispell those doubts.