Sensitive to Electro Magnetic Frequencies? It seems a number of readers are in one way or another. Although the topic is frequently dismissed as nonsense (globally there is a lot of money riding on EMFs) there is plenty of anecdotal evidence around which suggests that a percentage of the population are indeed sensitive to EMFs and there are many examples of greatly improved health when the individual is protected from the frequencies.

The telecom industry appears to muddy the water with references to ‘no evidence of response to heating’ statements. Some of those who have carried out research and have helped EMF sensitive people view the heating reference as a red herring. From personal experience I can relate that I was able to sleep through the night for the first time in a few years once I started flicking the bedroom fuse switch at night. It is essential for the immune system that there is little or preferably no night time EMF disturbance. Once your sleep improves your general health starts to look up as well.

If you are generally unwell and have found no solution, reducing EMF exposure is a good place to start, in my opinion.

Some basic steps to reduce exposure:

  • Hard wire your internet access. Get rid of wifi.
  • Use an old fashioned phone with cord. Cordless phones constantly emit EMF. The base is a particular source of disturbance. If you wish to keep your cordless there are more expensive versions available which only seek the signal during calls – not 24/7 as with conventional cordless.
  • Keep cell phone calls to a minimum.
  • Flick fuse switch at night. If this brings improvement, consider purchasing interruption devices which can be installed.



This has to be shared  – and saved on the blog for future reference. Inspiring interview with a cancer patient who had been abandoned by the medical profession because they had nothing left to offer. Palliative care was all that was available. Fortunately, this lady took control of her life and took steps to turn her health around. The images speak for themselves. Another reason to take charge of your health.

There’s no quick fix. It is about lifestyle changes and good food. Is that really such a price to pay to save your life?

Be well.

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If you have checked out the internet for nutritional information and advice, you will probably have noticed how much of the information is completely contradictory. Where do you start? In my case I was already reading labels to avoid additives as I had noticed years ago that junk food caused migraines. That is one piece of advice I feel it is safe to pass on to anyone: Dump the junk. We really are what we eat. How is your body to function properly when it is constantly having to try and rid itself of toxins instead of using the energy for healing? Above all many junk food ingredients are born in the laboratory. Does that sound compatible with natural physiology? Our bodies are just not designed to cope with these ingredients, which are usually decidedly lacking in nutritional content. It is second nature to me to scan labels for ingredients. Yet I find that many simply take things at face value.

I was offered ‘Water with just a hint of fruit juice. Really, there’s nothing in it.’ Despite the hype on the bottle, the label revealed that it contained a lot of junk. Sadly this lady could see no issue and was convinced she was consuming a healthy drink. If you purchase an item bearing claims of healthy, low-fat, low sugar etc etc BEWARE. Even when there are claims such as: contains no GM, no artificial flavouring and no trans fatty acids, it is still essential to peruse the ingredients because you may well find that it does include artificial preservatives and sweeteners etc. These guys are clever. They react to the most recent headlines and make sure that they can boast that their products are free from these items. Who said they wanted to make it ‘healthy’? And anyway, what is healthy? That description should be banned from processed foods IMO.

I use no ‘ready’ products and purchase as much locally-produced, naturally grown products as possible. Even what is available in ‘health’ stores requires careful checks. Especially if it is part of a US-based chain of stores, selling US products. Remember that GM (genetically modified) foods are not labelled in the US. So if it is not labelled as organic there is a good chance that it is GM. And I wonder how easy it is for organic growers in the US to keep their crops free from stray GM? Personally, I avoid foods from the US. If you are a US resident I would suggest farmers’ markets and growing your own. Nothing is uncontaminated these days but we can do our best to avoid heavy contamination and unhealthy ingredients.

GM ‘foods’ are simply a no-no for me. But even so-called ‘conventional’ fruit and vegetables are loaded with chemicals. A nurse told me that she had had breast cancer although she was consuming a lot of salad at the time. (Sounds like another contradiction doesn’t it?). However, her oncologist put it down to the fact that she was eating ‘conventional’ salad i.e. sprayed with chemicals. So there you have it, some medics are aware of this issue. And while some acquaintances and friends are astonished that I go out of my way to source organics rather than purchase ‘conventional’ vegetables the fact is that organics are conventional. That is the way they have been growing for millennia. The so-called ‘conventional’ fruit and vegetables should display a warning that they are laced with a chemical cocktail, in my opinion. And US stores should be compelled to admit that many of the products are GM as well, I would say. How tasty and tempting would they appear then? There is nothing freaky about organics. They are simply naturally grown fruit and vegetables, as nature intended.

Does seeking good food all sound like a lot of bother? It becomes second nature and if improved health is what you seek then that is the only way to go, in my experience. And don’t forget that this is the simplest form of rebellion. The huge corporations that produce junk food can easily be brought to their knees when we stop consuming their wares. Please note that McDonalds is currently closing hundreds of ‘restaurants’ worldwide, as consumers choose healthier options. We really do have the power.

I have yet to touch on looking at liver health as well as what I actually eat and what I avoid. Hopefully, the above has been helpful for some who are starting out on the journey to find optimal nutritional sources and improve their diets.

Be well.

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A positive mindset, self-empowerment, drinking plenty of water and determinedly doing what I could to move lymph (please see previous posts) were important parts of my daily routine which I put together in order to regain my health. However, I became very aware that I had to improve my breathing in order to experience any real improvement. Pulmonary fibrosis, as a result of constant inflammation, was the diagnosis. Online information sources weren’t exactly encouraging about the prognosis. But then I had been there before, right at the outset, so I wasn’t going to get bogged down in the dismal predictions. If I were to become more mobile, move lymph and ensure adequate oxygenation of cells and organs ( remember cancer cannot survive in oxygen) then improving my breathing had to be pretty much at the top of my list.

The adjustable bed did help me breathe more easily through the night. I also had a spray to use, if in dire need and the pulmonary specialist made a point of letting me know that it would be possible to have oxygen at home if/when the need arose. Not exactly the most upbeat situation but I felt sure there had to be a way to improve things.

Number one, I obtained a salt pipe (not a nasty plastic one btw. but a traditional ceramic pipe). Yes, I did notice a difference. I used it for about twenty minutes daily and soon became aware that it was certainly clearing my airways. Having scoured the internet and Youtube I was excited to discover the Buteyko method and was impressed with presentations  by Dr Artour Rakhimov. I am unable to find the exact video and article at this point but note that he has an informative blog: I began using a home-made device (constructed according to his explanations) and once I had recovered from the initial horror of my poor result on the self-assessment test I used the device for about 15 minutes daily. Again, the progress was noticeable. At the outset I emailed Dr Rakhimov to enquire whether this would be of help for me and he assured me that it could help me improve many of my health issues and suggested I contact him again if I needed further advice. At last  – some positive news! And a kind and helpful doctor.

In addition to this I began practising Qi Gong again. At first, I managed only one of each stance or posture. But this form of exercise (claimed to massage the organs) also began to show benefits for me and I was soon back into my routine of doing three of each posture, and feeling so much better for the gentle exercise. In my experience I have found that If practised correctly, this ancient Chinese system of exercise has so many positives for general well-being and therefore has to be a part of my day, every day. I also include a short form of Wu style Tai Chi in my practice. I have found meditation to be very helpful in regulating breathing and helping calm breathing and also introduced this into my daily routine.

The result? Prognosis supposedly five years if not controlled. That was more than ten years ago and things have definitely changed for the better. No medication, no cortisone spray and no adjustable bed!

I came across this video, by chance, yesterday and it makes a lot of sense to me. If your breathing is weak through illness then exercising to open the lungs makes perfect sense. The exercises are done in a sitting position. Personally, if I was still very weak I would only do one or two of each to start with and gradually build up to the desired amount. However, in my present condition I completed all the exercises.

As always, I reiterate my personal disclaimer: I am not a doctor and cannot advise you on health issues. The above is simply a description of some of the many tactics I used to improve my health, ditch the docs and and dump the drugs.

Much more to follow in the coming months. :). If you are looking for a quick fix, then go to the doctor and get some prescription pharmaceuticals with all the associated and listed possible side effects and interactions.I was in it for the long haul. I am aware of so many chronically sick people who are not prepared to make lifestyle changes and continue to swallow the prescription drugs, eat junk food and smoke.And then look for the next quick fix. That is their choice. I am grateful that the situation with the medics led me to seek alternatives. I have seen the results of drug dependency and I can only be thankful that I didn’t pursue that path any further.

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As mentioned in the previous post, drinking plenty of good quality spring water made a difference for me and ensuring the intake of sufficient fluids is still a big part of my daily routine. I presently combine the water with fresh juice, having treated myself to a Nutribullet. And if you have faffed around with juicers at any time you would be pleasantly surprised at how easy this device is to use  – and clean. I generally follow the basic plan of half greens, topped with fruit and berries, seeds etc. In a trice these are whirled into a tasty, healthy smoothie. It is quite satisfying and seems to still your hunger somewhat. The amazing effect for me, however, is how efficiently this appears to get the lymph moving, and what a difference that makes. If you are unwell and need to rest a lot there is a good chance that your lymph system needs some assistance, at least that was my experience. Since the lymph system is what cleans up our cells it is clear how important, yet frequently neglected, this is.

Many would be surprised to learn that the body contains twice as much lymph fluid as blood. This precious fluid continuously bathes each cell, draining away debris in a circulatory system powered only by muscle contractions, breathing and movement. Because its stagnation can clog the entire system and allow toxins, bacteria and cellular waste to congregate, lymphatic fluid must be in motion.

How important is that! Essential, it seems to me – and many others:

With its elaborate network of vessels and nodes, the lymph system circulates lymph throughout the entire body without a central operating pump. Dependent upon muscle contractions and manual manipulation, lymph manages to isolate and eliminate infection and cellular waste. Without a motor driving its circulation, deep breathing, exercise and massage are great ways to encourage lymph’s flow and to maintain the health of this essential system.

Robert Morse ND explains why he believes that moving lymph is crucial if we wish to be healthy. (Lymph starts about 4.30 mins in)

Unable to post the video at present. Here is the link:–E

My experience would certainly seem to back up this claim. Although I am juicing (and reaping the benefits of large quantities of easily assimilated vitamins, minerals etc), it is possible to move lymph with regular sips of hot water, as a cheaper alternative.

The best lymph-moving rehydration technique is to sip hot water every 10-15 minutes throughout the day.

I am not a doctor. I can offer you no advice. This is simply a description of things that have helped to turn my life around and helped me to dump doctor-dependency in the process.

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So let’s make a start. As mentioned in the previous post, I am not a health professional and therefore do not attempt to offer advice. But since many have asked me about the steps I took to recover my health these posts will focus on methods I tried  – or considered. Not necessarily in chronological order.

The motivation to ditch the doctors and the drugs was enormous. Things had come to a crunch and I decided nothing could be worse than the situation I was in. I actually began addressing the various symptoms instead of seeing the whole thing as an illness. In itself, that was a huge step forward. To be free of the doctor’s appointments, the sitting in stuffy waiting rooms – full of virus-laden patients – was also a huge boost. What a relief! I was now completely in charge and there was no need to justify my decisions, politely phrase my questions etc etc.  I still had a stockpile of medication. I did not immediately stop using that. That came later.

The question is, do you derive some kind of comfort from knowing that the ailments from which you suffer (Please never call it ‘my illness’) have a name? If you have searched for a diagnosis for a long period of time, it can certainly be a relief to discover the medical term for the disease. However, I was now happy to relinquish the title. I simply had a series of ailments to address.

I figured that anything that made life easy for my body couldn’t be so bad. Fortunately, I didn’t smoke, was too unwell to drink alcohol and had a reasonably healthy diet anyway. And luckily I was also very in tune with my body. I believe that the more you care for your health the more in tune with your body you become. So for me it is a given that vegetables and fruit (preferably organic) should be given high priority. And if your body is struggling, why make it even more difficult by abusing it with nicotine or excessive alcohol?

Strangely, many will happily waste money on any number of things but immediately question the value of quality food and water. I was serious about getting out of the situation I was in, so I didn’t hesitate to obtain what I felt was necessary. Let’s start with water. Drinking sufficient water has so many benefits. Here on the Isle of Man we have a great local supply.

Here is what Dr Mercola, a natural health expert, has to say about the benefits of drinking water:

  • Supports digestion – Drinking clean water helps your digestive system break down the food you eat and enhances your rate of metabolism.
  • Promotes circulation – Water makes up most of your blood, which is responsible for transporting nutrients to every cell.
  • Lubricates and supports your joints – Potable water enables you to move your joints more freely and comfortably. It prevents you from having sprains and cramps.
  • Maintains the health of the skin – Increasing your water intake helps condition and moisturize your skin, giving you a youthful appearance.
  • Aids nutrient absorption – The presence of clean water allows for more rapid absorption of nutrients in your body.
  • Sustains elimination – Drinking water helps get rid of your metabolic wastes more easily and more quickly, thus it is important for weight management. It also presents an effective way of curbing your appetite because it keeps you feeling hydrated and less hungry to binge on carbs and other fattening food.
  • Regulates the temperature of your body – When you drink water, it keeps your body temperature under control and gives you more energy when doing physically demanding tasks.
  • Cleanses off the toxins from your body – Detoxification is one of the benefits that you get from drinking clean water. The fluid removes harmful substances from your body.

Here he expands on the topic. How much should we drink? What kind of water? Symptoms of dehydration etc. I still make sure that I drink plenty of water on a daily basis. It’s the foundation for everything else, in my opinion. (Note the constant disclaimers etc? )

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Freedom from pain and illness must surely be right at the top of the wishlist for all those suffering chronic pain and disease. Many sufferers of chronic illness consider their GP to be the first port of call. This usually results in our leaving the practice with a prescription clutched in our hands to be presented to the pharmacist asap. But is this the only possible course of action? Does it result in good health? Or is it simply a way of living with an illness that simply does not go away?

Having been in this situation I can tell you that I explored new avenues, was open to giving consideration to most natural healing methods and employing a wide variety of dietary changes. supplements and lifestyle changes I ditched the drugs (prescribed of course) and began to feel a whole lot better.

I’m not suggesting that anyone abandon their doctor forthwith but I very much hope that those who take charge of their health will discover that the regular doctor visits are superfluous and that the drugs can be dumped.

Are you ready to take charge of your health? It seems that many feel disempowered, according to Dr Lissa Rankin. Many are content to transfer responsibility for their health to the doctor and sit back and wait for the fix to kick in. If you are ready to become proactive, informed and ready to regain your mojo then watch this space. 😉

It requires determination, dedication and doggedness. The rewards can be amazing.

PS I am not a doctor and am unable to offer anyone advice regarding their health issues. However, several people have suggested I pass on details of things I have tried. A natural practitioner suggested I write a book. The amount of material I intend to post might well fill a book but I hope that blogging will make things more accessible.

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