It seems the world’s gone crazy? Politicians are taking liberties? What is going on? If you are puzzled, confused and perhaps outraged by world events perhaps that is because you are following mainstream media outlets. If western mainstream media is controlled by a handful of powerful people, does it seem likely that the result is unbiased coverage of the news? No  – not even the beeb.

For many of us there is little time for in-depth analysis of media reports. Thus the status quo continues. The media is unimpeded in continuing to disseminate biased coverage which frequently serves to enrage or confuse the audience.  What is the solution? It involves taking a little time each day to examine well-investigated alternative news. But where to start? To understand what is really going on any of the following journalists are worth checking out: Patrick Henningsen, Ken O’Keefe and James Corbett provide excellent insight into how the world really works.

Have you ever noticed how so much fear and paranoia seems to emanate from across the pond?

Patrick Henningsen takes a look at the mechanisms which provide, if not guarantee, skewed mainstream media reportage:

Ken O’Keefe provides excellent insight into the current global political situation:

James Corbett explains why central Asia is considered to be strategically crucial to the US:

As Ken O’Keefe tells us, we have the power and it is our duty to take action because if we are governed by consent then we can withhold our consent. It really is down to us.



Renowned  author F William Engdahl talks to fellow author Cara St Louis and gives us a fascinating view of world politics. He pulls no punches about duplicitous deeds of the west following the ‘end’ of the cold war and goes on to explain how circumstances have led to the present Ukraine situation. Engdahl reveals that many are waking up to the globalists and tells us that even the Chinese are questioning the US vaccination drive these days. The bottom line is one of hope. Love really is the answer.


Well, well. The Examiner letter page reveals how little tolerance abounds on the island. The recent March Against Monsanto seems to have prompted outrage from some apparently ill-informed individuals. Unfortunately, the writer of last week’s contribution did not feel inclined to declare his/her interest in the matter. Of one thing we can be sure  –  this peaceful awareness action backed up by sound reasoning and argumentation must have touched a nerve somewhere. A welcome and well-informed response to the biased correspondence was published in this week’s Examiner. Thank goodness we still have some semblance of free-speech and balance.

However, if Ffinlo Costain (Friends of the Earth) has his way the letters page would become a very biased affair. While some advocate killing Anthropogenic Climate Change ‘deniers’

it seems that Mr Costain would at least like to silence those who do not adhere to the dogma. He suggests that IOM Newspapers should follow the LA Times decision to refrain from printing letters written by those with a different view on this topic. End of discussion? Whatever spin FC wants to put on this it is undeniably an attempted attack on free speech and demonstrates a wish to introduce censorship and gagging in the local press.

Interestingly, Mr Costain shows no interest in investigating the ongoing aerial pollution and climate manipulation.


As usual the media is full of reports and articles about the top members of governments and industry etc meeting in the centre of England – Watford, where else? I refer to the alternative media of course because mainstream is curiously stumm about the annual Bilderberg meetings. No press reports, media conferences etc. The movers and shakers – the real controllers in the world, not the world politicians – meet the puppets who pretend to be in charge in a somewhat remote place and the media does not emit a squeak!

A big thank you goes out to the alternative media for covering this hushed up story. This is what an MP had to say about things:


Thank goodness for holidays.The more I compare life in Germany to the present situation in the UK the more the UK’s intended downfall becomes apparent. Below are just a few instances where we presently differ from our German neighbours:

Take drones for instance, despite huge investments in these aircraft it has now been brought to public attention that their deployment would be in contravention of a clause in the German constitution. Let us hope no get-out clauses are found there.

A mainstream television programme this evening gave us the lowdown on prescribing psychopharmaceuticals for children. Highlighting the side effects and the ever-increasing profits for Big Pharma. We were left in no doubt about the downside to the American drive to achieve compliant children by drugging them in large numbers (my description). Ever-increasing amounts of children on drugs is neither necessary nor desirable. Is it likely that the BBC would permit such a programme?

Further encouraging news is that fracking is still on hold.

It gets better. Manners are still considered a positive attribute and there is little evidence of the declining standards evident in the UK. Oh yes – there is a distinct lack of wall to wall CCTV coverage too. Isn’t it amazing how the place hasn’t been overrun by crime and criminals?

Healthy food is also valued more than on the other side of the channel.

So why are we plummeting towards a totalitarian systenm with maximum state interference? Because we allow it to happen.

Life can be different if we can be bothered to try to uphold standards and refuse to accept the nanny state. This is a breath of fresh air to me.

PS To German friends: Nowhere is perfect and you seem to be way ahead of us in recognising totalitarian tendencies and taking action. However, you are a long way away from the extent of social decline and state interference we have in GB.


Remember the ‘Cold War’? The Iron Curtain? Maybe you don’t. Perhaps you have to be nearing your sell-by date to have experienced that era. How convenient for those who wish to mimic the communist system. For readers who do recall those times I will provide a quick flashback: We were told how communist countries were hiding behind the Iron Curtain. The people there were not free. There was no free media and propaganda ensured that they had little idea about what was happening elsewhere. Worse still – they were warmongers. Anyone showing an interest in Russia and its satellite countries were immediately laballed as ‘reds’ and to be disregarded. Furthermore, we were told that the West was engaged in freedom-fighting. We had fought off the Nazis, at great cost, because we ‘the goodies’ support liberty and freedom of speech. How sad then to see how the ‘freedom’ achieved and paid for with many, many lives is simply being thrown away. No – given away.

The US has introduced new laws enabling them to tap into just about anything;
Western mainstream news programmes are seemingly just as selective about news stories as any USSR media were.
Propaganda is rife i.e. one-sided reporting of the Israel/Palestinian issue and free speech is endangered. It could just be coincidence of course but shortly after the blogposts about Boston and my comment about the involvement of military personnel in apparent scaremongering I find that my Facebook account requires me to prove I am not a robot! OK I type in the letters and I’m back in Facebook, only to discover that the blogs links I post now lead to a page where it is suggested that the blog is spam!

Whatever your opinion of my blog I’m sure you’ll agree that it is not spam. I make no money from this blog, Facebook, so what would be the point of spamming? The adverts are from WordPress. Regular readers know that the blog contains genuine comment on issues often not covered by mainstream. It is text-rich and liked on Google for that reason. It is genuine! So what possible reason could Facebook have for suspecting that this is spam – after the comments about the American military personnel (I’m sure it’s a coincidence. They wouldn’t have certain trigger words set up, would they?).

Facebook does itself no favours by doing this because I will continue to raise awareness of attempted censorship until the issue is resolved. Frankly, there is nothing but nothing about my blog that could be considered to be spam therefore I take this to be an infringement of free speech.



What is going on? Quite a lot it seems.

A US correspondent tells me that the latest developments there are of great concern. The evidence pointing to Boston being a false flag event is becoming difficult to deny and there certainly does appear to be a rift of some sort going on there. Even some mainstream sources are casting doubt on things, which is quite unusual. The feeling amongst observers is that this is major. It will either reinstate traditional values or things could peak in the direction of totalitarianism. (Don’t expect to get the low-down on this from the BBC).

And on the Isle of Man front do we have our own particular version of ‘too big to fail’? The Sefton Group could not be allowed to sink, it seems. Did they really celebrate with champagne when the deal was done? Did the players involved have any influence on the decision? Does Miles Walker, our very first CM, still command respect within government? For the man in the street it is difficult to understand why this company should be singled out for preferential treatnent while government cuts are affecting many of those who might not have been given the best cards in life.

For cases such as the Sefton, Films etc the money can be pulled out of the bag when desired, it seems. You would think such massive expenditure would demand more public debate. No. We are serfs, remember? Let’s hope government does not discover further needy causes to contribute to.

Can either side of the Atlantic demonstrate true and lasting democracy? What is democracy anyway? Supposedly, democracy is about the few being ruled by the many – it’s what it comes down to. I can’t help thinking that we have the many being ruled by the few.


BRICS summit heralds the end of western financial dominance?

I notice that western news broadcasts have provided little information about this meeting in South Africa. Just how controlled is the media? Under the title BRICS and Africa:Partnership for development, integration and industrialisation the participants met for the fifth time.

The closing statement included mention of International Legislation, multilateral affairs and UNO and increasing solidarity amongst the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India,and China). No further militarisation of the conflict in Syria and a desire to see the international dispute over Iran’s atomic programme resolved through negotations are further topics which were under discussion.

Although no agreement was reached on founding a BRICs Development Bank, BRICs currency reserve funds and the laying of a maritime internet cable to connect all BRICs states, these topics are open to further discussion.

However, many points were agreed including oil and gas deals between Russia and China, as well as broadband and telecom projects. China is to purchase fighter jets and submarines from Russia and future a desire to acquire Russian aerial defence systems in the future.

Within five years the members have made huge strides, it seems. The plans to set up financial systems which are not dependent on the World Bank and the IMF must surely cause the west some headaches. Things could become very interesting. But the media prefers to pretend that this isn’t happening, it seems.


We don’t have to be paid-up members of the Greens, Friends of the Earth, World Wildlife Fund etc to be in favour of looking after the planet. Indeed, my issue with the above is that I am not convinced that they are doing very much to protect the planet. That might seem a cruel and unfounded accusation. However, if they continue to ignore, or possibly be unaware of what has been described as the most dangerous threat to the planet within the next twelve months ( yes, it seems the next year is crucial if we are to save it)  then I believe the accusation to be justified.

So what is it that we can all do to help save the planet within the next twelve months? We need to put pressure on government(s) to investigate geoengineering. Not in an effort to instigate it but because it needs to be stopped – immediately.

There have been reports  – and highly credible documentation  – from all over the world for some years that aircraft are causing extreme pollution by aerosol spraying. Many activist groups have been formed as a result of this and some have submitted samples of rainwater for laboratory testing – with quite astounding results.

In reecent years islanders have also become aware of the same phenomenum. However, it seems that DEFA has dismissed the reports up to now and claims that they have no evidence of this. This is probably a factual statement. If no efforts are made to investigate  then consequently there will be no evidence. But can DEFA then clearly deny that we are being sprayed? No. If no serious investigation is conducted then the department caring for our environment is unable to deny the fact.

Russ Tanner’s interview – pulled from Youtube, wonder why? – is an eye-opener for us all. RT’s area of expertise is climate change, alternative energy, especially solar energy. He noticed sunlight was declining and his research into this led him to chemtrails, or aerosol spraying, being carried out to ‘save the planet’. Unfortunately, being human, the inventors didn’t quite get things right and Tanner claims that those involved are now increasing the spraying to cover up the damage they have done. If this continues the planet is doomed within a very short time.

If the topic is new to you please check out the video below and do your own research. Stonewalling from government environmental departments is of no help to us or the planet. It is essential that the issue is acknowledged so that we can begin to discuss things in the open
Should you be unable to view the below video (I note it presently states that an error occurred, wonder why?) then please use this link:


Why anyone would be concerned about comments on Manx Forums I can’t imagine. The forums are obviously well-equipped with trolls who seem to pop up and demolish most anti-government ‘discussions’, anyway. It’s entertaining but has anything positive ever emerged from the banter? Forums are there to divert attention and occupy people who might otherwise actually take some kind of action. A certain way of keeping the serfs down. Let them rant and whinge – they won’t be causing any real problems. Unless of course you are an MHK seeking re-election. Yes, then things could have repercussions – if anyone noticed you in the first place.

Is this why Geoff Corkish would like to see the forums closed down? Whatever his reasons for wishing to ‘protect’ us from forum comments it comes across as a wish for control, to silence dissent and ensure the serfs remain in their place.

Silencing the media? Internet controls? Isn’t the media controlled anyway? Is GC taking his cue from Leveson and co.? Crikes, we really do seem to have exactly the same police state mentality here as the control freaks on the adjacent island. GC may well have cooked his goose with the voters now but never mind, he stands himself in good stead to move to the Legislative Council. 🙂