Do you wake each day and shudder at the realisation that you are living in your worst nightmare? The plandemic itself is not scary. It’s the cure that’s the problem. For all those who have taken the red pill, this is the realisation of all those so-called conspiracy theories. I can remember when I was awakening around 2006, there were the scare stories of enslaving the human race, the removal of cash and the now very real social credit system (China). They would have us all under surveillance and  we would be microchipped. We would need permission to travel and would basically be living under a harsh totalitarian global government. A sort of mix of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and George Orwell’s 1984, on steroids. It sounded horrendous and unbelievable and yet I had sensed and experienced some matters that had already set me thinking. And recalling 1984.

So the present situation is all these things coming into fruition imo. And this is also the opinion of many scientists, medics, virologists etc. Who are immediately denounced as conspiracy theorists if they dare to contradict the official narrative. Although most of them had never even researched anything vaguely alternative and basically kept taking the blue pill. Until things stopped adding up.

It seems obvious to me that many governments are running their Corona management from a script of some kind. Why do measures taken not reflect the situation at that time?  Why has no one ever attempted to pacify and reassure the public? Emergency team members tell us this is the first and most important step to take. Why has no one ever mentioned looking after ourselves? Where is the recommendation about Vitamin C intake, and Vitamin D intake? (So easy if the sun complies).

If, like me, you wonder if the plan will continue according to the script, you will probably find the following reports of interest. The EU script from 2012? Story commences in a Chinese laboratory, the microbe escapes, the WHO is slow to react, resulting in global pandemic. (Sound in any way familiar?) Then read on. And by the way Turkish TV has already discussed this and how the scripted outcome should be avoided at all costs:

Check Out This Spooky EU Funded 2012 Comic Book That Predicted Pandemic; Look Who It Makes Out To Be Heroes


Wouldn’t the best tribute on VE Day to those who fought so valiantly for our freedom be a demonstration that the entire nation will not be brought to a standstill because of a bug?



While many US and German doctors have spoken out against lockdown measures, and the management of a virus which has thankfully not reached the fatality  numbers of the 2017/ 2018 flu, UK doctors have been conspicuous by their absence.  But at some point silence is no longer an option: