Do you prefer this?     :blue sky

Or this?   050

Which tends to spread out and produce this:sky gunk

If you prefer the first picture you might need this:doncroftcloudbuster

And maybe some earth acupuncture, as can be viewed in the following video. (German soundtrack but mostly visual evidence anyway). It shows a heavily polluted sky at the outset. Following the construction of the organite-producing earth acupuncture the pollution begins to dissipate and normal clouds appear. There is a short thunderstorm – which the speaker assures us is the normal, desired effect as this clears the air and pollution. At some point the Bundeswehr (German military) appear with a couple of helicopters – as predicted. And later a police helicopter hovers overhead – also predicted. The speaker goes on to inform us that the Bundeswehr always appear because clearing the pollution affects the net of transmissions emitted from telephone masts, which is used by the military.

Does earth acupuncture sound a bit too way out? It is a well known fact that churches were built on leylines. Leylines can be compared to the lines of energy within our bodies. Don’t want to accept that one either? Without electricity in our bodies, our heart wouldn’t function. Western medicine prefers to ignore the meridians, however.

While orgonite structures are known to be effective against aerial pollution and weather manipulation, I hope to find out more about earth acupuncture. Watch this space.



Happy New Year to government trolls and shills who appear to be about in force. This has to be a positive sign. We have them worried. We know that MHKs are very sensitive about what is said online. A curious thing really because they sometimes appear to do as they please. My guess is that the sensitivity to personal comments is based on concern about re-election chances.

However, the troll/shill issue presumably has another reason. In the face of increasing online dissent from the masses they feel a need to gain control of the situation somehow. The usual method is to take part in online discussion, preferably under multiple identities, attempt to display some sort of inside knowledge and then throw in dismissive comments and red herrings at an appropriate time. It is sometimes effective. I have seen discussions come to an abrupt halt following a few dismissive comments. Yet pursuing the matter and asking further questions has effectively put an end to this at times. Obviously, the idea behind this is to convince the masses that there are many pro-government people around and that pursuing issues is pointless  – as well as leading us up the garden path.

Well. dear shills, some of us can spot you a mile off and therefore block or ignore you. Personally, I find that ignoring you is most effective.

Happy New Year to all switched on online debaters. Keep up the pressure.



2014 has been an interesting year. Toilet tax, apparent persecution of the incapacitated, removal of community treasures, such as Ramsey Post Office. Benefit recipients per se appear to be suspect and it has been claimed that for some this is a lifestyle choice. (For many it is not). More charges levied and more services removed.  However, consultants flourish it would seem. This is life in the Isle of Man in 2014.

What can we expect from 2015? Can it get worse? Undoubtedly, if we remain apathetic and passive in face of opaque government dealings which impact us all in our daily lives. We are governed by consent we are told. Do we consent to the present situation? Do we agree to allow our children and grandchildren to work until they are 74+ because we cannot be bothered to challenge decisions?

Keyboard warriors are fine but once the frustration and anger has been released we need to take action. Otherwise nothing will change. Petitions have been summarily ignored. Writing to MHKs is not a guarantee for change either. However, it’s a start. If we make our position clear, ask for a response, write again if the answer is fudged etc etc. Complaints do not result in action. We need to state  our aims  clearly and concisely. We need to state that we do not consent to the proposed action.

If the above fails then non-compliance has to be the answer.

2015 can be a further downhill slide or it can be the turnaround, The change. If we are prepared to take action. Traa dy liooar will not do in this situation. What has inaction or complaining achieved up to the present? Action is essential if we are to effect change and ensure that future generations are not simply wage-slaving workhorses who never enjoy retirement or even the comparative freedom we have known.


It seems the world’s gone crazy? Politicians are taking liberties? What is going on? If you are puzzled, confused and perhaps outraged by world events perhaps that is because you are following mainstream media outlets. If western mainstream media is controlled by a handful of powerful people, does it seem likely that the result is unbiased coverage of the news? No  – not even the beeb.

For many of us there is little time for in-depth analysis of media reports. Thus the status quo continues. The media is unimpeded in continuing to disseminate biased coverage which frequently serves to enrage or confuse the audience.  What is the solution? It involves taking a little time each day to examine well-investigated alternative news. But where to start? To understand what is really going on any of the following journalists are worth checking out: Patrick Henningsen, Ken O’Keefe and James Corbett provide excellent insight into how the world really works.

Have you ever noticed how so much fear and paranoia seems to emanate from across the pond?

Patrick Henningsen takes a look at the mechanisms which provide, if not guarantee, skewed mainstream media reportage:

Ken O’Keefe provides excellent insight into the current global political situation:

James Corbett explains why central Asia is considered to be strategically crucial to the US:

As Ken O’Keefe tells us, we have the power and it is our duty to take action because if we are governed by consent then we can withhold our consent. It really is down to us.


It is astonishing to find that some of the most-read blog posts are those concerning mind control. This topic is obviously of some concern to many readers. It is thought that in many cases scalar waves are being used to achieve mind control. With this in mind I am posting the  Swedish produced videos below, where a possible remedy is discussed:






The Big Debate appears to be fulfilling the predictions of the cynics. Carefully constructed yet imprecise questions to which an invited (yet somewhat small) group are requested to respond to with ‘yes’ or ‘no’? It is reminiscent of those infuriating Facebook quizzes where you discover your vocation is author or that you are a party-animal etc. although you are well aware that the questions were so skewed and restrictive that the result is far from accurate.

In contrast, it seems that the parallel debate held on the same evening was a runaway success. Fruitful discussion was achieved at the well organised and well planned meeting. Whereas the first part of the Big Debate has resulted in politicians stating they will amend any perceived shortcomings for next Tuesday’s Round Two. Perhaps they should have asked a few backbenchers for assistance in planning the BD.

It will be interesting to see how things develop. Will government accept and act upon the findings of parallel debates? Failing to do this would surely leave government open to claims of not listening to the public. But would this really make any difference? In the past we have accepted statements from MHKs telling us government has listened to us and will not introduce unpopular Acts only to find the same measures have been introduced under the title of ‘new working practices’. (The pupil database). Not a single politician or civil servant was named as having been at fault with regard to this fiasco. But then what’s new about that? Accountability has to be introduced into government.. Without that little will change.


flag-of-isle-of-man Yes, the blog content has been slightly diverted of late. The original aim was to comment on local politics, which are frequently influenced by global issues. Hence the wider view taken in more recent posts. Staying with local issues for the moment, it would appear that the Isle of Man has its own little New World Order agenda going on. We find a new ministership has been created to ensure that MHKs toe the line. ‘To drive through change’. How convenient that the CM could find someone like Mr Robertshaw to fit the bill.  But how to explain further outgoings in times of public constraint?  You could always have an MHK pave the way by his turning to the media (a permitted leak?) to explain how Mr Bell was overloaded with work and needed a second-in-command. One of the recent changes that the public has become aware of is the reluctance of government to seek dialogue with us. Where would they be without us though? We put them in their present positions, after all. Many thanks to the backbenchers who have successfully responded to this by organising open discussion of any topics – to coincide with the Big Debate evenings where the audience has been selected and members will presumably be requested to vote on carefully worded proposals. Say no more!  At least some of our MHKs are keen to keep in touch with us and let us have our say, it seems. However, I have yet to hear an MHK utter a word in disagreement with IOM Government stance on external affairs and can only assume that there is a narrow path to tread. External affairs are presumably decided for us and we are expected to go along with things. But just supposing we were expected to fall in line with the latest warmongering tactics of an ‘ally’?


The Russians were responsible for the attack on MH17, claimed the US within a very short time of the tragedy having occurred. On what did they base their claims? ‘Common sense’ and social media, it seems. Yet the initial and ensuing hype has been sufficient to chivy members of NATO into agreeing to a ‘spearhead’ force to respond rapidly to any situation which might occur. How easily could such a situation arise? Too easily, it seems. The controlled western media’s selective reports can lead to situations being blown out of proportion in no time at all. We recently experienced Reuters ‘mistranslation’ with regard to Russian troops in the Ukraine. The slip up and retraction did not exactly hit the headlines though.

How easy it is to edit footage and create an evil enemy. Take the scenes from the MH17 tragedy, for example. Any reasonable person would have been horrified to see the images of a teddy bear being held aloft as a ‘trophy’. What we did not see is what happened directly afterwards. The teddy was placed gently on the ground and the man in question doffed his hat:

We want those bastards to see whom they shot down,” the man said, “Do you see?” meaning that there were innocent children who died in the crash.

The news coverage of the attack on this aircraft, so obviously the work of the Russians, according to the US government has gone very quiet. Although western media representatives attended the press conference given in the Kremlin where many queries were raised: , reports of this did not appear in the western media, needless to say.

Patrick Henningsen, an investigative journalist, (and where do you find those in mainstream these days?) informs us of many points that western msm has not reported. He raises numerous queries, which leave the reader/listener to question who was really responsible for this tragic loss of life.

Would Obama be so quick to point fingers and pinpoint yet another enemy if the potential war was to take place on US soil? Would he not be very cautious about fomenting war if his family were to be in the front line? It is too easy to send strangers to engage in combat on foreign soil. If we do not start to question what is going on we could end up with WW3. It would not be the first time that countries have been led to war under false pretences.


This is getting really confusing. Assad was the bogey man who had to be unseated. Now the US may seek Assad’s co-operation to root out ISIS. But just a minute – it seems the US was considering arming ISIS at one point.

The rhetoric has changed again. What is going on?

It seems that the US is now dependent on wars to prop up the debt-based monetary system.

It would be preferable to leave the scary headlines to mainstream media but msm does not cover this topic so apologies for the apocalyptic headline on the above, which does not devalue the content btw.

Scrutiny of the US paranoid stance on so many diverse nations is essential if lives are to be spared. Taking things at face value and accepting the hype is exactly what we are supposed to do. Cognitive dissonance is not easy to deal with but wars have usually been initiated by hype so it is surely essential that we question what is going on. We got it so wrong with Iraq. Should we really accept the current ‘Feindbild’, whichever that might be, without question?


Free as thy sweet mountain air? No doubt some still believe this to be true. But those who are awake and alert will no doubt have a different view of things. The early blog posts give an insight into the extent of our forelock-grasping compliance. Legislation is ‘copied and pasted’ from the UK. Could this be linked to the high-level meetings between IOM and UK? If no formal minutes are kept, how would we know?

Leslie Hanson, a 2011 Keys candidate, asked: Who controls the Isle of Man?

Any suggestions? Mr Hanson now fears a UK takeover, according to today’s Independent. This seems a superfluous concern. Some would say it has happened already.

In detail: