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Long time no see? Have my reasons for not posting of late. But there is something that has to be said and laid out clearly so that well-intentioned people do not continue to be misled. Long story short: I became aware of a number of doctors and nurses who are not in favour of organ transplant – and for good reasons.

In a nutshell:

  • Organ donors are not dead when the organs are harvested.
  • Removal of organs is the point of death. Surgeons kill.
  • Those who consent to become donors are not sufficiently informed of procedures, It is not informed consent and therefore unethical.
  • Brain death is a very grey area. People frequently recover,
  • Modern medicine can save many more brain injured these days but any if there is indication that the patient could be a suitable donor then life saving treatment may be withheld and life endangering procedures commenced
  • patients may be unable to respond but hear and feel everything
  • the donor receives sedation to keep him from squirming
  • nurses can observe typical signs of distress and pain during organ removal
  • yet the live donor does not always receive anaesthetic
  • recipients sometimes report organ ‘memory’ i.e. they adopt characteristics of the donor
  • organs are not always suitable and can be contaminated
  • recipients will take anti-rejection medication for the rest of their lives and may require further transplants
  • typically family is not allowed to see the donor and the relative’s last hours may be spent in excruciating pain and nearest and dearest are unable to spend last hours with their loved one.
  • organ transplant is huge business

Here a few quotes:

There must be full and frank information of the professions and public about these (and other) aspects of transplantation practice, on a scale comparable to the massive propaganda used to form public attitudes to these procedures during the past thirty years. Only then will it be possible to know to what extent they enjoy public and professional support.

I have pondered why so many parents have allowed their children to be so appallingly misused and have been forced to the conclusion that it can only be because, unlike me, they did not really understand the relevant facts when they gave their consent.

This will require the formal recognition that a generation of doctors has been erroneously taught that “brain stem death” is death – a concept without sound scientific or philosophical basis (vide infra) – and the admission that millions of people have been persuaded to enter their names on the NHS Organ Donor Register on a false premiss, viz. that they have been assured that they will be dead before their organs are removed.

There are numerous articles and scientific papers on this topic but it requires time to find them. Because the propaganda is skewed towards organ donation. Google anything which suggests doubt and you will find endless articles of reassurance. Please check  out the links below for yourself. Will continue to add more.










Have been aware of some form of hacking on the blog since my last post. I wonder why? If I was looking for confirmation of what disturbs these guys the most, I seem to have hit the nail on the head. In a nutshell the message was: Ignore election hype. Stop supporting corrupt corporations and start looking out for yourself. This line of thinking makes sense to many of us, so keep checking the blog for further posts in this vein.

There is surely nothing to lose by checking out a free online summit on self-reliance. Sounds promising. It’s a start anyway:


So which horse are you backing in the US election? If your answer is ‘no one’ then you are obviously switched on. As the hype continues and increases it successfully holds the attention of so many around the world. If you have no vote in the US then forget it anyway. Pursue research that will benefit you and your family. This is a complete diversion and time-waster. And never forget: the President of the United States has already been selected!

As for getting bogged down in the ‘alternative’ media – well, that’s a minefield if ever there was one. Disinfo is the name of the game. Throw some well-known facts into the article/interview to assure readers/ viewers that you are the real deal and then slip in the  crucial COINTELPRO content. The red herrings and the ‘low down’ on the ‘fakes’. This article gives some insight into the complexity of this sector:

However, there are sometimes some interesting pieces of information to be gleaned from these people. The knack is to be discerning, critical and do the homework. But the only topic that really grabs my attention at present is How to Exit the Matrix. And the results of this ongoing research will appear on the blog on a regular basis.

Anyone who seeks ‘power’ is suspect, in my opinion. We are the power, after all. So to reiterate a tip from some time ago: Use your power. Stop supporting the multi-national corporations which pull the strings. Buy local as far as possible. Purchase from those whose ethics you approve of. If everyone did that we could quickly turn things around.

PS With all the intrigues, secret organisations, secret meetings etc., which actually oil the wheels of politics, is it rational to believe that your vote actually achieves anything? Some candidates may be more of a pushover than others for the powers that be, but even Hillary takes her ‘advice’ from the Council on Foreign Relations.



Sensitive to Electro Magnetic Frequencies? It seems a number of readers are in one way or another. Although the topic is frequently dismissed as nonsense (globally there is a lot of money riding on EMFs) there is plenty of anecdotal evidence around which suggests that a percentage of the population are indeed sensitive to EMFs and there are many examples of greatly improved health when the individual is protected from the frequencies.

The telecom industry appears to muddy the water with references to ‘no evidence of response to heating’ statements. Some of those who have carried out research and have helped EMF sensitive people view the heating reference as a red herring. From personal experience I can relate that I was able to sleep through the night for the first time in a few years once I started flicking the bedroom fuse switch at night. It is essential for the immune system that there is little or preferably no night time EMF disturbance. Once your sleep improves your general health starts to look up as well.

If you are generally unwell and have found no solution, reducing EMF exposure is a good place to start, in my opinion.

Some basic steps to reduce exposure:

  • Hard wire your internet access. Get rid of wifi.
  • Use an old fashioned phone with cord. Cordless phones constantly emit EMF. The base is a particular source of disturbance. If you wish to keep your cordless there are more expensive versions available which only seek the signal during calls – not 24/7 as with conventional cordless.
  • Keep cell phone calls to a minimum.
  • Flick fuse switch at night. If this brings improvement, consider purchasing interruption devices which can be installed.


Yes, there has been a lack of blogposts of late. More and more people are aware of what is going on in the world and adding to the outpourings of doom and gloom that surround us on social media and news outlets seems pointless. It is almost five years since the very first blogpost. Frustrated by local politics and hoping to raise awareness of issues beyond the realms of dog poo, embracing the opportunity to raise issues online, and possibly reaching some like-minded seemed a good idea. As it turned out the blog has many more international readers than locals. Election year has come around again but I am not considering investing any of my time on addressing the issues involved. The system remains the same and beneficial change is highly unlikely.

The issues are much the same here as anywhere else in the western world. I suspect many are only too aware of the problems these days and now seek solutions. Do you also tire of the weekday broadcasts from alternative media that provide no real alternatives? The endless wind-up emails and scare stories have most probably done nothing to alleviate the issues that face us. Right?

The search for solutions is time-consuming. The Freemen theory is fine, but how many freemen have landed in prison? That does not seem so free to me. Yes, it is a learning curve and while the research being carried out is admirable, I would not recommend this route to anyone at present. If any readers have had success, please let us know.

It’s the Jesuits. No it’s the Jews, or is it the Freemasons or Common Purpose graduates who are to blame for our ongoing enslavement to corporate powers? Does it matter? While I continue to research as well, it seems to me that the web is simply too complex to lay the blame with any one group, and while awareness is desirable we may as well accept the fact that we are not going to put an end to secretive organizations.

We need to free ourselves from the system as best we can. Ignore them and they will go away? Unlikely. But the more we engage with the system and our oppressors the more we perpetuate the present situation.

More to follow very soon.



While we were recently treated to a large quantity of media hype involving all the dedicated proponents of the man-made climate change theory who met in Paris, no one mentioned the ongoing and intentional climate manipulation conducted by the US and other countries. Is that not just a little strange? If we are going to have our lives radically changed in order to restrict CO2 emissions then surely we should make sure that we have the full picture?

Still not buying into the weather manipulation theory? It is not a theory.  From the Lynmouth floods in 1952 RAF rainmakers to Operation Popeye in Vietnam History Channel report it is apparent that weather manipulation has been ongoing for decades. And it seems that NASA has been involved for decades: 1966 report on NASA study of weather modification activities .

Was anyone aware of these activities at the time? Not the general public anyway. Why? It was classified information. Therefore it stands to reason that present weather modification methods are not being revealed to the public. Strangely, many believe that if it was not included in a news broadcast then it is not happening.

These links are worth checking out. Especially for those who cannot believe that military forces would manipulate the weather:

The history of man made weather

Stanford University research

Methods of warming the climate

Geoengineering and Weather modification exposed

Some may need to digest the above information. But there is more. The following video describes how HAARP is old hat these days and takes a look at far more effective methods of tampering with the ionosphere: Ionospheric heaters

The part that caused me most concern was the fact that this latest technology can override the Schumann frequency. The natural heartbeat of the planet. 


Is CO2 really the Big Bad Wolf? Or are these climate catastrophes being man made with intention?



Thank goodness all those on the roads and out and about today on the Isle of Man are safe and sound. How fortunate that the driver of the bus which landed in the torrent known as Laxey River escaped unscathed when the bridge collapsed. The river was rushing at breakneck speed. Anyone landing in it would have perished. No doubt of that.

However, we are already hearing the ‘climate change’ hysteria. But horrendous floods are nothing new. Older bridges are notoriously weak, which is why a number of bridges on the island have been designated weight restrictions. Just prior to the incident there had been stationary tailbacks on the bridge, because there was simply nowhere to go. This obviously causes further strain on the structure.

Furthermore, it seems that the regular maintenance and clearance of the drainage system has been neglected for some years now. (This has been reported by a former employee). He has also queried when Laxey Bridge was last assessed for safety as it had been regularly in Isle of Man Highway Board days. The workforce has been reduced down to skeleton levels it seems:

Another feature of the Rivers and Bridges section was that after a serious weather event ‘river inspection’ was carried out by the gangs to check that rivers and watercourses were not obstructed. Bridges were checked for any damage either cracking to the arches or scour of the abutments. When was the Laxey bridge that failed last checked?
In addition to the R & B sections the two ‘divisions’ as they were then of the Highway Board (later DHPP) used to undertake the gulley and culvert cleaning that I referred to above starting in the autumn so that drains were ready for the worst that winter threw at them. I doubt now if that is done and to be fair I doubt the Department (of Infrastructure) has enough staff to do it.

Bernard Moffatt, Celtic League

Geoengineering is a fact and not a conspiracy theory:

Others are engaging even in an
eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off
earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic

William Cohen, Secretary of Defence

We therefore need to have an open discussion with the effects of all geoengineering programmes being evaluated and included in the construction of climate models. Otherwise these models are of no earthly use. They are simply inaccurate. So let’s not be too ready to jump to conclusions. Let’s have all the facts. Including details of any climate tampering that is going on. Can’t be done? No way of knowing? Then there is no way of proving that the models are correct. That is an undeniable fact.




There is little point in attempting to analyse what exactly happened in Paris. The powers that be are releasing very little real information. They tell us that a number of people were killed in an attack on Friday 13th and that IS is responsible. Once again there had been a practice run of dealing with a terrorist attack on the day of the event. Just like 9/11 and 7/7. Once again a seemingly sturdy, fire-resistant passport is considered to be evidence of those responsible. You couldn’t make it up. But let’s leave the speculation to others. Whatever or whoever was behind the attacks we need to look at the possible consequences, for all of us, which may result from this occurrence.

Most normal people find atrocities abhorrent and wish to express their sympathy and solidarity towards the families of those involved. While the public is still in shock and are maybe also fearful followingthe reports of what happened in Paris it is very easy to slip in some further restrictions on our freedoms. For our safety, of course! Internet restrictions, which were already under discussion, are now becoming a real possibility. Other possibilities which have been mentioned are house searches without warrants and further restrictions on our travel. All to keep us safe, of course.

How many young adults will remember the Red Army Faktion in West Germanyin the 1970s? Or the terrorist activities in Italy in the 1980s? Did they have anything in common? It would seem that US stay-behind armies operating ostensibly to protect us from the supposed threat of encroaching communism were in fact behind the killing of innocent civilians. Why? In order to cause turmoil in the countries involved and in the hope that this would lead to tighter links to the US.

Nowadays it seems that most western countries are indeed closely linked to the US and the reaction to terrorist action is now seemingly always linked to removal of our freedoms in some way or other. Be it herding us like cattle through security areas when we travel or recording of our conversations and an ever more invasive intrusion into our everyday lives.

Therefore, it is worth standing back from emotion, horror and sympathy to take a dispassionate look at what is being proposed. Further removal of freedoms is the next step. Yet many countries and peoples endure the consequences of constant terrorist action. But sadly the world is not too interested in them. And leaders have never tried to impose further totalitarian restrictions on freedom in an attempt to prevent further killing. If the victims are not European then they are not particularly interesting for the western media – unless of course, the situation might present a reason for ‘peaceful’ countries to become involved in the battles.

So before we eagerly agree to permitting increasingly draconian measures to be introduced perhaps we should learn from history and take another look at Operation Gladio and how the stay-behind armies were the cause of unrest in stable European countries because it suited the USA. Some suggest that Gladio has never been disbanded as no one has ever been charged with committing these offences – these killings.

Please check out the following link which includes many source links:

And if you feel that it can’t be true unless the BBC reports it, try this:  Operation Gladio full documentary 1992 BBC.