Election time 

The countdown is under way. it is almost five years since http://www.freeasthysweetmountainair.wordpress.com was born. The impulse to start the blog was connected with a desire to look at the real issues involved in today’s political scene. The concept was centred around global politics because no man is an island! And globalist demands are ever increasing and more invasive, and arguably, more covert.

The candidate

Soon the canvassing hopefuls will be ringing doorbells again and hoping to convince us all that they, and only they, can improve things. Sadly, this is simply not true. When did a backbencher last have a momentous impact on our lives? As a backbencher you are out in the cold. But can those involved in departments make waves? Not really. If they don’t toe the line they may soon find that their cushy number in the department, with accompanying remuneration, disappears. Little wonder then that we see little change in the status quo.

The voter

Unfortunately, it seems that voters are looking for a saviour and hero/heroine who will take on the system and listen to the appeals of the electorate to improve things. How often do we have to go through this procedure in order to learn that this is not a possibility?

In the past I have been urged to stand as a candidate but what point would there be when the system remains the same? in any case I do not consider myself to be politician material. However, it is noticeable that people are looking for someone to pin their hopes on. In actual fact each of us already has someone to pin our hopes on – ourselves.

We are change

As long as we conform to the system and do not seek alternatives we continue to hold it in place by our actions. It is known as ‘learned helplessness’. We ask,’What can we do? The system is stacked against us.’ Many believe that If things could be changed, someone would have done it by now. However, that is not the case. There are examples of how public response has changed things.

Take McDonalds. This ‘restaurant’ chain has expanded right around the globe. Until recently, that is. Now the outlets are reducing in number. There are fewer McDonalds around. Why? Because many people decided they wanted to eat more healthy food and shunned Big Macs etc. We do have the power. Both globally and locally.

This blogpost forms the start of a series based on research into how to become more self-sufficient and how we can remove our support from a system that is past its sell by date. Pick and choose. Not every suggestion will be your cup of tea but there may well be a number that are. And if we all stop searching for our heroes and saviours and take action to help ourselves this could be far more effective than hoping for ‘change’ or voting for the ‘devil you know’.

‘If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.’





Thank goodness some of our MHKs are keeping tabs on things in government. In a Liberal Vannin press release dated the 10th May Mrs Beecroft reveals some quite astounding details of a recent Accounts Committee Public Sitting. She states that:

“From the evidence I listened to this afternoon, it appears that this Government is arrogant beyond belief, has no regard for its own regulations and is totally out of control.”

The following media release regarding the appointment of consultants Ci65 contains references to government not adhering to its own regulations, a lack of ‘paper trail’ and the curious details of how the consultancy firm was incorporated on the 9th September 2013 just three days prior to being awarded the government contract. Furthermore, the website was set up one day before the date of incorporation, yet it contains testimonials dating back years before the company was formed.

A sum of £650,000 was awarded to this company. Government’s money? No, it came from you and me. Just like the funding for the Sefton setup deal and the Pinewood millions. The money wasted on harebrained bendy bus experiments etc. etc.  Yet, when the coffers are empty we are told that we must make sacrifices. Why should we? Accountability is urgently needed.

Press Release 10 May 2014

Arrogant and Out of Control

Kate Beecroft MHK, LibVan Leader, attended the Public Accounts Committee public sitting, Chaired by Alf Cannan MHK, on Wednesday when it took evidence from Ministers Teare and Robertshaw regarding the appointment of consultants Ci65 Limited who were paid in excess of £650,000 from the NI Fund. Kate later stated, “From the evidence I listened to this afternoon, it appears that this Government is arrogant beyond belief, has no regard for its own regulations and is totally out of control.” She continued, “It is somewhat ironic that Minister Robertshaw, nicknamed “The Enforcer”, whose role as the new Cabinet Minister is to enforce policy and reform across all departments, appeared to have so little regard for due process and indeed Tynwald itself that he had to be reminded of the correct procedures by Mrs Cannell MHK.”

There is much within the evidence that gives cause for concern including:
• Government’s own Chief Financial Officer admitted that Financial Regulations had not been adhered to
• There was no paper trail
• No FD8 waiver had been granted
• The Council of Ministers approved the appointment of Ci65 Limited and believe that they had the legal power to do this although the Public Accounts Committee had doubts about this and were awaiting a legal opinion
Even disregarding the above, there are grave concerns. On 12th September last year Ci65 Limited gave a presentation to the Council of Ministers and the decision was taken by the Council of Ministers to award them the second phase of the review without going out to public tender. As the Treasury Minister, Eddie Teare, was present at this meeting, this was classed as Treasury concurrence. This cannot be right !! We know that the proposed support for the Sefton Group was taken by Minister Shimmin to the Council of Ministers for discussion without Treasury concurrence and we know that the Treasury Minister, Eddie Teare, subsequently publicly defended the decision to go ahead with the support. We know that he had to under the rules of collective responsibility. What we don’t know is whether or not Treasury concurred with the decision to award Ci65 Limited the contract before it was discussed in the Council of Ministers meeting or even within that meeting. Whatever he says now has to be disregarded as he is now obliged to support and defend that decision.
Again, disregarding all of the above, we have to look at the basics. What due diligence was carried out on Ci65 Limited before the decision was made on 12th September 2013 to award them the contract? What due diligence could have been carried out if we look at the facts.
• Ci65 Limited was incorporated on 9th September 2013
• The website domain name was registered on 8th September 2013
• Testimonials on the website date back years before the company was formed
• The presentation to the Council of Ministers by Ci65 Limited and the decision to award them the contract was made by the Council of Ministers on 12th September 2013
We know from previous instances that due diligence is not something that this Government is particularly good at but this really is ridiculous. The most basic piece of due diligence should be a bankers reference. Are we expected to believe that Ci65 Limited was formed on the 9th September and in the two days prior to the presentation to the Council of Ministers, there was time for a back account to be opened and for Government to write for and receive a reference?

Does this Government really believe that we are that gullible?

Kate Beecroft MHK for Douglas South
Leader Liberal Vannin Party


Get them young and ensure they accept indoctrination and petty controls. This is one way of ensuring the population becomes as compliant as possible. A police officer in the US threatened a class with instant jail, without notifying parents, if they misbehaved in class. We are told fear plays a big part in the US educational system:


Presumably, this primes the next generation to heed the persistent paranoid warnings emanating from the US government. But life is terminal. While we may do our best to ensure we live as long and well as possible it is surely pointless to spend our time on earth worrying about how it will end. We are wasting precious living time. However, the constant warnings can be used very effectively in keeping the masses under control and conditioning the children to fall in line is an obvious necessity to this end.

Did you watch Make Me a German last night? While the British family attempting to integrate into the German way of life in a short time may have had one or two difficulties adjusting to German lifestyle, the issue of  the upbringing of children was not one of them. The mother commented very positively on the fact that children were playing outdoors in nursery school (they were climbing trees) instead of spending the day under artificial light. The fact that children do not start school until they are seven and the shorter school day, sometimes ending around 11.30, which prevents many mothers from working outside the home was viewed by the British mother in a very negative light. She obviously prefers the British trend of permitting the State to effectively bring up the children. It’s a set up. Base a mortgage on both salaries and then the mother is obliged to continue working full time when children come along. Choosing to work is one thing but for many British parents there are no options available.

Children enter into the care of the state at an early age. This state care now extends to dictating what the the children are to eat and of course, what they are to wear. and arguably, how they are to think. Unlike their German counterparts, British full time mothers often feel apologetic for not working outside the home. While the German homemaker takes a pride in raising the child for a good part of the day  and enjoys providing wholesome food and outdoor activities.

Maybe this lifestyle has become so alien that few Brits could even contemplate it. Many prefer the ‘recognition’ of their colleagues to playing a major part in the upbringing and general good health of their families, or so it seems. It is a personal choice but in my opinion pursuing a career when children are still in nappies demands a huge sacrifice of family time (which can never be recovered). This is tragic enough but by far the worst side of this is that British parents have little input in their children’s lives in comparison to some other countries. The state steals the child at an early age, it seems to me. But is the state doing a good job of child care and raising children? A comparison of British teenagers with their counterparts from other countries suggests to me that this is not the case.

Is constant interference from the Nanny State really what we need? Wouldn’t increased personal parent input be more desirable? As long as we accept that the state steps into raising our children from an early age then nothing will change. But maybe that’s the intention.

Women’s lib. Was that about a mother’s right to work or were there other reasons for the CIA funding contribution to this cause? The late Aaron Russo was a former friend of Nick Rockefeller:


Mrs Beecroft is posing exactly the question that came to mind following the response to questions about the reporting of sudden and unexpected deaths:

Pursuant to his response to Written Question 30. on 11th June 2013 whether
the change in criteria for reporting sudden or unexpected deaths indicates
that the figures given for previous years could be understated?

Mr Quirk is to ask the following:

Whether the blocks used for the regeneration areas around the Island are
suitable; and which contractor is being used in Douglas to put these in place?

Many have asked if we really needed to use granite blocks for the regeneration project. ‘Wouldn’t tarmac be sufficient?’ Some have enquired. How about small concrete paving slabs as a compromise? After all a workforce in Ramsey has already found it necessary to temporarily remove some of the slabs. Is it easier to access pipework etc by removing and replacing granite slabs? Perhaps. Or will future road works have a detrimental effect on the presently pristine paving?

Granite is not exactly bargain basement material. Did someone, somewhere invest in granite slabs before the expensive material was imported? Perish the thought.


Did we have huge mainstream media coverage of major world stage politicians, moguls and bankers meeting in Watford? I wonder why not? After all G8 received all the usual hype. Could it be that news is manipulated to ensure we focus on one meeting but kept in ignorance of the other?

How convenient that Bilderberg happened before G8. Could it be that decisions are made and orders are given at the secretive Bilderberg meeting and that this agenda is then implemented at G8? What do you think?

Is it purely coincidental that our CM met Cameron after Bilderberg. Some might say that DC received his directions at Bilderberg and then informed his fellow puppets how they should respond to issues to be raised at G8.


As usual the media is full of reports and articles about the top members of governments and industry etc meeting in the centre of England – Watford, where else? I refer to the alternative media of course because mainstream is curiously stumm about the annual Bilderberg meetings. No press reports, media conferences etc. The movers and shakers – the real controllers in the world, not the world politicians – meet the puppets who pretend to be in charge in a somewhat remote place and the media does not emit a squeak!

A big thank you goes out to the alternative media for covering this hushed up story. This is what an MP had to say about things:


So while we are being asked to tighten our belts, while jobs disappear and austerity measures are pursued it seems that government can happily write off hundreds of thousands of pounds and more. The Department of Tourism and Leisure mishandled TT-related contracts. Noteably, but not only, with Signature. This was ‘not unique’ just one of a number of mishandled contracts! Furthermore, there were 50 different versions of the contract, with at least 150 changes made. Oops – DTL even omitted to sign contracts, it seems.

Is it not just a little unfair to pay huge salaries to officers who are not held to account when things go wrong, while the public is expected to accept further cuts with little insight into what goes on?

Just how many government departments operate under these kind of circumstances? How would we know? We are serfs, remember. Keep paying up and don’t ask questions.


Despite deafening silence from George Osborne and David Camerson when approached about the re-introduction of the Bradbury Pound, an alternative currency which worked in the past and could now remove Great Britain from the clutches of the Rothschild dynasty and all the misery that this appears to cause, Nigel Farrage does not shy away from the discussion. His response to this suggestion also contains references to nationalising the Bank of England. This is huge! He is openly stating that the UK government is not in control of printing money. This issue, avoided by the present UK government, is at the very core of the present cuts and financial misery being imposed on us all.

While we are being told that we must accept cuts and deprivation to recover from the dire financial situation, politicians gloss over the fact that the UK government gave taxpayers’ money to the bank and the misdemeanours of many of the banksters are conventiently ingored.

In short: Nigel Farage admits that the UK government does not issue money but instead buys it from those who print it out of thin air:


Just how much does it take until people actually say ‘enough’? Today’s views of international news show that restrictions, intrusions, interference and surveillance of our daily lives is ever-increasing. Throughout the world there is a growing awareness of the relentless removal of personal freedom.

Bloggers and citizen journalists continue to increase the focus on the cavalier behaviour of the callous elite. Many of us invest time and money in resistance of the controlling elite. Yet we also scratch our heads in wonder at the lack of action from some who are awake but seemingly feeling powerless. There can be no doubt where this present situation is leading. Those already in dire straits have no choice but to pay the increasing prices and charges which are being levied while incomes shrink. Benefit recipients are being tarred with one brush and the media seem content to ignore the plight of many who are dependent on welfare as a result of redundancy, illness or bereavement. This is only the beginning.

I am not alone in my belief that the attacks on the vulnerable members of society are constructed (how many bankers, corrupt MPs etc have been taken to court?). Those on low incomes are being pushed to their limits. When income slides below subsistence level the result is frequently uprising and revolution. With a reduction in the law enforcement budget and an increase in surveillance and the introduction of radical police tactics It is not difficult to see where this might lead. Waiting till backs are against the wall is not advisable.

It is understandable that some are reluctant to take action if they feel they are vulnerable to repercussions. However, hiding heads in the sand will result only in further measures being introduced. We have the power. We can be active by writing letters to MHKs and the press, posting on Facebook and Twitter and making our views known, as well as informing others of the issues that concern us. This is hardly insurrection. Now is the time to do this. History shows us that ignoring governments that seek to control the masses without providing transparency leads to one thing only. We still have the chance to make your views known.

Exaggeration? Scaremongering? The next blogpost may well dispell those doubts.


Mr Teare’s reply to the question of whether community banking could be practised in the island concluded that:

I would stress to anyone considering this type of venture, that a peer-to-peer
lending company would not be licensed by the FSC. It would not be regulated by the FSC and
perhaps most importantly, anyone who provided money under a peer-to-peer model would not be
protected by regulatory capital requirements, or by the Depositors’ Compensation Scheme.

Not regulated by the FSC? So the FSC protects us from failing banks?

Mr T also commented that the term ‘bank’ would not be permissable. Otherwise nothing standing in the way then? Let’s take a look at alternative money systems: