Well, well. The Examiner letter page reveals how little tolerance abounds on the island. The recent March Against Monsanto seems to have prompted outrage from some apparently ill-informed individuals. Unfortunately, the writer of last week’s contribution did not feel inclined to declare his/her interest in the matter. Of one thing we can be sure  –  this peaceful awareness action backed up by sound reasoning and argumentation must have touched a nerve somewhere. A welcome and well-informed response to the biased correspondence was published in this week’s Examiner. Thank goodness we still have some semblance of free-speech and balance.

However, if Ffinlo Costain (Friends of the Earth) has his way the letters page would become a very biased affair. While some advocate killing Anthropogenic Climate Change ‘deniers’

it seems that Mr Costain would at least like to silence those who do not adhere to the dogma. He suggests that IOM Newspapers should follow the LA Times decision to refrain from printing letters written by those with a different view on this topic. End of discussion? Whatever spin FC wants to put on this it is undeniably an attempted attack on free speech and demonstrates a wish to introduce censorship and gagging in the local press.

Interestingly, Mr Costain shows no interest in investigating the ongoing aerial pollution and climate manipulation.




The most recent farming report on Manx Radio contained references to trees not being in the best of health. Quite aside from the various species-specific viruses which are causing some problems at present it seems that trees in general are not looking very happy or healthy. This comment emanates from those who observe nature on a daily basis and whose observations should surely be given some credence.

What could be the cause of this deterioration in previously sound trees? Back to the elephant in the room, it seems. No one mentions the fact that our ‘sweet mountain air’ is under constant attack from aircraft which spray particles into the air. What is contained in the spray? Well, as no research is carried out into the blatant pollution from aircraft it is impossible to state with certainty. However, any kind of spraying or pollution surely demands immediate and effective investigation.

Some US states have been victims of this spraying for some years and the effects on vegetation have been devastating. As ecologist Dane Wigington reports, the spraying around Shasta County has resulted in damage to the immune system of trees and vegetation, leaving them to fall prey to opportunistic infectious disease. Furthermore, the damage which is being caused to the ozone by the relentless spraying results in less UV protection, which we have surely all noticed. When the sun gets through, it really burns.

While the words ‘climate change’  are on every politician’s lips, we hear nothing about aerial pollution. Why do those who profess to care for our environment prefer to ignore the obvious?

I wonder why Monsanto would want to develop GM trees?


Image representing WeatherBill as depicted in ...

There is abundant evidence of weather intervention by both the military and governments. ‘You control the weather, you control the planet’ states Scott Stevens, former TV weatherman.

Historically, there are numerous references to implementation of and experimentation with weather control methods. A well-known example of this is the US military rainmaking practices in Vietnam in the 60s. There is also evidence pointing ro the RAF having experimented with rainmaking in the 1950s. Were they responsible for the fatal floods in Lynmouth in 1952?

Things have moved on since then and many countries worldwide participate in weather modification methods. However, geoengineering is a controversial practice to say the least:

We can assume that weather is a lucrative business as Monsanto, infamously connected with Agent Orange, has announced that it is buying The Climate Corporation for around $930,000,000.

Who knew betting on the weather could make a billion dollars? It just did for The Climate Corporation, which underwrites weather insurance for farmers. Monsanto broke the news this morning that it was buying Climate for approximately $930 million.

Now if Monsanto could acquire a geoengineering company. …Do you see where this could lead? It is both unacceptable and highly risky to turn a blind eye to geoengineering. Answers must be demanded.




Hardly surprising that September was the dullest for twenty years. There’s certainly been enough geoengineering going on and Solar Radiation Management is all about reflecting the sun away from the earth. Just one problem with that  – we need the sun to obtain vitamin D. It’s essential for a healthy immune system. Plants need sunlight for photosynthesis. Sunlight is an essential part of life on earth. When are we going to come to our senses and put a stop to this madness?

The UN has already decided that the earth can no longer be saved by CO2 reduction measures.  The answer is geoengineering. That would be the same geoengineering that appears to be the cause of the problem? Does it make sense to you? Well, it would if you were making a killing out of spraying the planet.

Isn’t it simply amazing how all these organisations constantly remind us of how we are the problem. Yet, how many mention that geoengineering, practised for decades, has been affecting weather all over the world. This is a huge business. Companies are playing God with the weather, without so much as a by-your-leave from the rest of us. Some may benefit from rainfall  – but this creates drought for others. And sadly the entire earth appears to be struggling to deal with the planetary pollution perpetrated by the climate vandals. How can we hold any sort of discussion on this topic when we know that on a daily basis thousands of aircraft are polluting the sky with aerosol spraying, which the IPCC, the UN, FoE, the Greens etc etc conveniently forget to add into the equation.

Legalised geoengineering would surely be the beginning of the end. The message seems to be that we should accept any number of restrictions to reduce the carbon footprint caused by the daily commute and a couple of holidays a year while the big guys can pollute the planet, rip up the ozone and cause global warming with impunity.

If you really care about the planet please help to raise awareness of the Biggest Elephant in the Climate Change Room. We have some allies but we need to work hard to bring some common sense into this debate and to get the word out to the public.