It seems that despite the fact that the local rag has recently been focused on such things as potatoes being washed ashore and other fascinating topics, disgruntled readers expect real news. One topic which has received little coverage is the East Douglas By-Election issue. Names are being dropped.  Donald Gelling has been openly mentioned. We await  reportage about others.

The interesting part is the dearth of information. If there really was an attempt to secure a seat for a celebrity chef by less than legitimate means then this is surely major news. Especially if there is any kind of connection with previous election campaigns.

Secretive financial backing. A well-known former politician. A developer and a celebrity chef. Not forgetting the supposedly maverick behaviour of one of the players. Add to that a  phenomenal rise in the number of proxy votes for this constituency. It sounds like the stuff reporters would love to get their hands on. Apparently not. The local media doesn’t have a lot to say about it. Of course there will be some legal restrictions on reporting. All for everyone’s protection –  naturally.

Could it be that there really has been an attempt by those with financial power to gain political control?  Nothing like that could happen outside this microcosm of course.Party leaders in other countries we favour are obviously always squeaky clean. Wealthy families such as Rockefelllers and Rothschilds have no influence on the world stage. Media sources are simply inefficient.

It’s all going nicely to plan.



There’s an interesting discussion on Manx Forums at present (‘makes a change’, did you say?).  A group of forum members intend to press our members for transparency and accountability. Of course a number of forum contributors are probing and ridiculing the idea – it might cause problems if this thing takes off. Sadly, many are trying to steer this idea into a political angle. They feel this demands the formation of a political party. Well, we all know how far that gets you, don’t we?

Transparency and accountability. Are these really political issues? Aren’t they simply moral obligations?

Good luck to those who are attempting to introduce standards that are sadly missing in our political system IMO.


OK. I’m going to really upset some people here but here goes: The following report describing a man’s complete recovery from cancer after avoiding red meat and dairy, consuming large quantities of raw veg and supplementing this with apricot kernels, barley grass powder and other items from his health store is one of countless reports where it appears that cancer sufferers have cured themselves with diet and supplements.

This man had been abandoned by conventional medicine. Nothing more could be done. More chemo wouldn’t help. The same medics then informed him that he is cancer-free. The usual explanation from conventional medicine practitioners is that this can be attributed to “spontaneous remission”. Could it be that we are being told that if doctors weren’t involved then no other factors could be responsible for healing?

The general public is incredibly generous towards cancer charities, and has been for many years. Where are the results from all the financial input and why are cases of recovery without conventional medicine involvement never researched to determine if there isn’t perhaps something to be learned? If Big Pharma can’t make money out of things then it is not “worth” researching? Cancer is big business. And despite enormous donations over many, many years we see little real difference in conventional therapies.

If this topic is of relevance to you I wish you a speedy and complete recovery. Please research.

Did this grandfather, 78, really beat ‘incurable’ cancer just by changing  his diet? Extraordinary story of the man who got ‘all-clear’ after swapping red  meat and dairy products for 10 fruit and veg a day

  • Doctors told Allan Taylor, 78, in April that his cancer couldn’t be treated  and had spread from his colon to his small intestine
  • In August the retired oil rig engineer from Middlesbrough got another letter  – to say he was cancer-free
  • He puts the change down to his new diet,  which he adopted after looking up ‘colon cancer cures’ on the  internet

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2204080/Grandfather-incurable-cancer-given-clear-swapping-red-meat-dairy-products-10-fruit-veg-day.html#ixzz26lZPk25p


Manx language lessons or global warming indoctrination?

We AGW doubters were given a blasting by Brian Stowell today on Manx Radio. He left us in no doubt about his opinions on the subject and seemed to be adhering to the AGW religion. Casting doubt is herecy, it seems. Strange, I thought the Sunday morning programme was about the Manx language not about propaganda. This morning’s deviation from language and culture information is of concern. It appeared to be aimed mainly at the letter writers in the local papers. Congratulations if you can think beyond the establishment brainwashing and have taken the time and energy to write to the press. It’s unsettling to see how free speech is now being frowned upon.

Get your guilt trip for free

So the propaganda continues. Man-made climate change is a reality. The earth is getting warmer etc etc. Climate change has always been a reality. Ice age. Warm periods etc. The only difference this time is that we are apparently hell-bent on blaming ourselves (mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa) and trying to intervene.

You don’t know the full details

Has the intervention already begun? And is the intervention, which has apparently been going on since the 1970s, itself the cause of global warming? Now that’s a scenario you haven’t heard on propaganda stations isn’t it? Watch out for the next post for a completely new take on the whole issue.


Lancashire police officers are suing the force over injuries allegedly caused by use of the radio system. One hundred and seventy-six officers have reported sick with symptoms they attribute to the use of the new equipment.

The Isle of Man has its fair share of this technology with all police officers, fire crews, ambulance teams, marshals, race controllers, vehicles and helicopters using TETRA.

Dr Barrie Trower explains in detail why the use of TETRA is so dangerous. He goes on to say how he has had no fewer than five female officers visit him  – all suffering from neck tumours. Where do they carry the handsets? Barrie Trower contends that our police and emergency services are being subjected to an experiment.

Please take the time to view and if you have friends or relatives who use this equipment please pass the information on:


Was unable to attend Chris Robertshaw’s talk last night so can’t comment on suggestions or performance.

It seems there are three comments to be added though:

  • Who goofed on the VAT agreement – for which we are now all to suffer?
  • Is it possible to obtain a break-down of salaries of senior civil servants and information about the ratio of management to average worker posts?
  • Could we please have more info about the background of advising officers?

Now the coffers are empty they look for our support but how can we give that when we have no real insight into what is going on and who runs the Isle of Man.


The previous post contains an extract from Gary Null’s (et al) article, Death by Medicine:


As stated previously this is not a denial of the value of conventional medicine in trauma situations such as broken bones, heart attacks etc. However, the treatment of chronic illness with allopathic methods has to be questioned. Antibiotics are an issue too, over-prescribed as they seem to be.

The revelations in this article must surely be food for thought for our health minister. How much of the money spent in the health service is money well spent? Could we be saving millions and living longer and healthier with fewer interventions from the allopathic fraternity?

How about assisting those who wish to take advantage of highly effective alternative therapies available? We might be a lot healthier for it and we could be saving the health service mega bucks.  After all, it seems that allopathic medcine is highly expensive yet the value of this in every case has now been questioned in this recent research. Time we removed the blinkers?