Thank goodness all those on the roads and out and about today on the Isle of Man are safe and sound. How fortunate that the driver of the bus which landed in the torrent known as Laxey River escaped unscathed when the bridge collapsed. The river was rushing at breakneck speed. Anyone landing in it would have perished. No doubt of that.

However, we are already hearing the ‘climate change’ hysteria. But horrendous floods are nothing new. Older bridges are notoriously weak, which is why a number of bridges on the island have been designated weight restrictions. Just prior to the incident there had been stationary tailbacks on the bridge, because there was simply nowhere to go. This obviously causes further strain on the structure.

Furthermore, it seems that the regular maintenance and clearance of the drainage system has been neglected for some years now. (This has been reported by a former employee). He has also queried when Laxey Bridge was last assessed for safety as it had been regularly in Isle of Man Highway Board days. The workforce has been reduced down to skeleton levels it seems:

Another feature of the Rivers and Bridges section was that after a serious weather event ‘river inspection’ was carried out by the gangs to check that rivers and watercourses were not obstructed. Bridges were checked for any damage either cracking to the arches or scour of the abutments. When was the Laxey bridge that failed last checked?
In addition to the R & B sections the two ‘divisions’ as they were then of the Highway Board (later DHPP) used to undertake the gulley and culvert cleaning that I referred to above starting in the autumn so that drains were ready for the worst that winter threw at them. I doubt now if that is done and to be fair I doubt the Department (of Infrastructure) has enough staff to do it.

Bernard Moffatt, Celtic League

Geoengineering is a fact and not a conspiracy theory:

Others are engaging even in an
eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off
earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic

William Cohen, Secretary of Defence

We therefore need to have an open discussion with the effects of all geoengineering programmes being evaluated and included in the construction of climate models. Otherwise these models are of no earthly use. They are simply inaccurate. So let’s not be too ready to jump to conclusions. Let’s have all the facts. Including details of any climate tampering that is going on. Can’t be done? No way of knowing? Then there is no way of proving that the models are correct. That is an undeniable fact.