A story for Christmas and New Year: The Isle of the Ancient King. Concluding episode. “We have the power.”

Following the discovery by the residents of the Isle of the Ancient King that they did not live in a democracy, they were unanimous in their demands that something had to be done to ensure politicians followed the wishes of the electorate and stopped following the bidding of an unseen force. They had taken note of how often their wishes had been ignored or simply overruled and this, they decided, could not go on. They suspected some politicians had received NLP through a dubious organisation and that these members were now acting out the command to “lead beyond authority.”

The first thing the islanders did was to make sure as many people as possible knew what was really going on. Those who were awake ensured that others woke up too. They took every opportunity to pass the word on to the rest of the population. This took the form of talking to people while queuing for goods, inviting wide-awake speakers to the island, challenging what politicians were doing and creating alternative media – that was essential as the media were obviously cherry picking what was reported. Sometimes the omissions told a much more important story. The islanders met regularly to report progress and were delighted to discover that their numbers were increasing rapidly. 

They discovered that many, many islanders were well aware of the issues but felt powerless to change things. Once these people realised that others were taking action they wanted to become involved as well. They realised that this was not reacting to conspiracy theories. This was responding to proven ill-deeds and the use of corruption to control things for the benefit of a very small group of ruthless people. Those who woke up realised that what was planned was in fact their duty. They discovered that the people actually have the power – They just need to use it.

The islanders had one particular trick up their sleeves which ensured the return to government by the people, for the people. This successfully destroyed the banker/ pharma control and restored the island to a situation which had been unknown for hundreds of years. The island flourished. The Health Haven was popular with many fleeing the oppression of the health system in their own islands and the organic produce was a delicacy not obtainable in their islands which now grew GM foods. Above all the secure currency inspired investment in the island as many other jurisdictions now lived in fear of collapsing currencies.

The people were no longer at the mercy of the bankers and statutes. Instead they followed Common Law which was fair to all and they introduced a lawful currency to replace the totally corrupt money system which had kept everyone under strict and unfair control. In fact they lived happily ever after.


A story for Christmas and New Year: The Isle of the Ancient Kings Part 3. Things are not as they appear to be

It was essential that the islanders understood the difference between statute, or Maritime Law, and Common Law. According to official information from their government the island was a common law jurisdiction. Common Law was based on longstanding constitutional documentation dating back many centuries. Common Law was there for the protection of all. Statute Law generally swelled government coffers as it was frequently connected with penalties, fees and fines.  It was therefore necessary to establish if a judge was acting in accordance with their Oath of Office (Common Law). The information given to the islanders was that if a judge could not confirm that he was acting under his Oath of Office then he was simply impersonating a judge.

The islanders began to realise that it made absolutely no sense to have to pay for a television licence, or a dog licence or a car licence. After all, who decided that this was necessary? Surely, a free man can do all these things without paying to do so? Furthermore, they were told that registering anything or anyone actually removes entitled of ownership. Yes, the car registration certificate certainly referred to the “registered keeper” and not the owner, they recalled.

They were told that words used in court were in fact known as legalese, which meant that the words could have a different meaning than those in general use. This caused further consternation and concern. Similarly, they found words in common use by the bigger island also had different meanings. They discovered that the term The City did not really mean the capital of the island but referred to a corporation of bankers operating within the capital city. And when their neighbours referred to the Crown it became clear that they were not referring to a monarch, but to the bankers in the City. This changed the islanders’ perceptions of many things.

Bit by bit the jigsaw pieces fitted together and the residents of the Isle of the Ancient King realised that they had few rights but numerous duties. The question was: What do we do now and how can we change things?

To be continued

A story for Christmas and New Year: The Isle of the Ancient King – Part 2. Bankers and courts.

Now that the islanders had discovered how imperfect their “democracy” was they became determined to discover the exact cause of the situation and do their best to change things. Other so-called democracies appeared to have the same difficulties and issues and it made sense to seek further information from other islands and countries.

There were many different stories of corruption, deceit and evil-doings which encompassed almost every area of society as well as every age-group and race and culture. In some cases the communities had a political structure based on party politics, yet it seemed that despite a few minor differences the result was always the same: The people did not have a say in what occurred in the country. They chose between party leaders who were put forward but in actual fact these people weren’t socialist or democratic or conservative –  they were simply politicians, who appeared to be having their strings pulled by unseen and unknown parties. They were in fact puppets.

This was difficult to digest. The people had all believed that they lived in democratic countries and yet it was obvious that politicians took their orders from shadowy, unseen figures. It seemed that democracy was a real misnomer for the situation that had developed. The people of the Isle of the Ancient King wanted to know more: Who were the controllers and why did they want to control things?

There were many different theories about this. Some of their neighbours told them that these people had been working against humanity for centuries – or longer. Some felt it had something to do with the origins of the bible. Some felt it was based on pure evil and the results of this. Maybe they were all right but it was difficult to prove anything – other than one simple fact: Whatever was going on came down to two things. Profit and control.

Yes, profit was apparently a major reason behind everything that troubled the islanders. Whether it was a drive to ensure all the community consumed as many pharmaceuticals (vaccines, antidepressants etc) as possible or the CCTV (apparently quite unnecessary expense) or the adherence to rules devised by other islands about health and safety etc., one thing was obvious –  the result was large profits for some companies and consultants.

The residents reasoned that if they were being told that so many measures were essential and had to be implemented then a certain amount of control was essential. The islanders had naively joined various international groups which appeared to be operating for the benefit of others throughout the world. Yet on consideration it seemed that these groups were actually the source of controlling legislation which resulted in capital expenditure and the beneficiaries were large international corporations, banks etc.

Further investigation resulted in more discoveries. It seemed that some shadowy banking families had been controlling things for centuries. This had been achieved through deceit, underhandedness and corruption. The bankers had obtained control of the printing of money and had succeeded in ensuring that governments paid them for the money they printed. 

The people also discovered that some were losing their homes as a result of losing their jobs. The cause of the lack of work was the downturn created by the people having ensured that the banks were given money when they were in danger of crashing. The irony didn’t escape them. The banks had managed their money so badly that the banks were in danger of collapse. The people helped them and the repercussions of this were austerity measures which resulted in job losses. Were the banks then so kind-hearted about the plight of the unemployed who could no longer repay money that was made out of thin air? No, of course not. They took charge of the property and sold it. Whew! That took some digesting as well.

There were many reports that some of the bankers had callously funded both sides in wars of the past – ensuring a win-win situation for the bankers. The “victorious” country being obliged to pay the losers debts. It all came down to profit.

The biggest island had changed its tax agreement with the Isle of the Ancient King leaving the Ilittle island with much less money and this necessitated cuts in services. The biggest island had to make savings because of payments they had made to save the bankers.

Of course some said that the tax agreement might have been too generous all along. However, others felt that there is no such thing as  free lunch and that the generous tax agreement had been negotiated and that the politicians on the little island had agreed to something unknown in order to gain the tax advantage. Others wondered if the opaque situation with the high level talks between the two islands had played any part in negotiations. Could it be that the Isle of the Ancient King had compromised its autonomy to gain some extra money?

Whatever the reasons for the present situation the fact remained that bankers were secretly controlling national and international affairs to ensure profits and further control.

In an effort to uncover the extent of the deception the islanders began to look further and further into matters which had been previously taken for granted. Imagine their concern when they were told that even the courts were not what they appeared to be. It seemed that a system of control had been superimposed on the traditional law. They were told that they needed to learn much more about this in order to free themselves from the controlling empire that the bankers had built up.  If they were to liberate themselves they would have to determine if a court was lawful  – or not.

How could the islanders determine the lawfulness of a court?

To be continued

A story for Christmas and New Year: The Isle of the Ancient King.

Once upon a time there was an island surrounded by other islands –  both big and small. The island, let’s call it the Isle of the Ancient King, was frequently shrouded in mist. However, it wasn’t only the inclement weather that could obscure things on the fair isle. Many things on the island had been somewhat opaque for many, many years.

Islanders were confused and infuriated by the situation that had come about over a period of years. The island boasted an ancient parliament and the islanders were proud of their parliamentary system. After all, it was given prominent international coverage and certainly the longstanding parliamentary system appeared to be exceptional. Indeed, at one point the parliamentary members were quite capable of  saying no to the neighbour in the largest island, on occasion at least.

However, over a period of time it became apparent to some islanders that things didn’t really make sense and many had the feeling that their wishes were given no consideration. Money was spent on seemingly unnecessary projects, especially road works and CCTV, while funds were scarce when it came to facilities for the young. Sometimes school sport lessons were reduced or funds or planning permission were difficult to obtain for sport projects for youths. 

At the same time it appeared to the people on the island that members of their parliament were actively ignoring their wishes. Developers were permitted to build on school land even though many villagers were not in agreement and it also appeared to contradict a covenant. Even more worrying was the fact that this land transfer was conducted by a minister in a time between terms of government.

It also seemed that there was a desire amongst some ministers to introduce unnecessary legislation. It was blatantly obvious to those who gave these things any consideration that legislation was simply being copied from the biggest island, with further, stricter clauses added. On one occasion the residents had complained about proposed legislation which would have seriously compromised their freedom by placing many people on a covert database. It appeared that this idea had been rejected on budget grounds. Yet, it also seemed that it had later been adopted without any parliamentary discussion and the people were simply confronted with the bill for the secret changes which had been made. The minister referred to them as “new working practices.”

All of these things  – and many more  – resulted in some islanders becoming much more vigilant about what was being proposed in their government. It seemed to some as if they were permitted to vote yet elected members simply disregarded those in their constituencies once the election was over. The residents questioned whether this was really a free and democratic society and in order to gain more insight into what was going on they tried to obtain more detailed information about various matters.

The islanders then discovered that information was not readily available in many cases, and frequently the words “data protection” were given as a reason for not disclosing facts (even though it appeared to them that their own data were not protected since many found themselves, unwillingly, on an education database). How could they possibly ascertain whether the politicians were working in the islanders’ interests or not if information was being withheld?

To further obscure things it seemed that high level meetings were held with parliamentary members on the biggest island and that generally no minutes were kept. Was this how the unnecessary and alien legislation entered the political system, they wondered?

The result was that islanders began to question everything –  while the politicians were less than forthcoming about their actions. Furthermore the islanders began to feel they were being spied on as more and more CCTV cameras appeared, although this tiny island had a very low crime rate. The chief of police kept impressing this fact on the islanders and he constantly reassured the inhabitants that they lived in a very safe place. “Why would they need to install such expensive equipment when there is no money for sports facilities for our children?” asked the people.

At some point it became clear to the islanders that other islands and even other countries had similar issues. It was as if an unknown and invisible force was controlling things both on the Isle of the Ancient King and further afield. But how could this be?

To be continued.

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas!

Did you catch the Christmas edition of On the Edge on Edge TV on Christmas Eve? The message was that although there will be some testing difficulties to contend with in 2012, people are waking up at an exponential rate  – this includes police and forces. It’s heartening to discover that there are so many good people in the world.

Brian Gerrish suggested that we should continue spreading the word and remain in our comfort zone doing whatever we do best. That sounds like good advice. Roger Hayes explained how finance is going to be the big issue in the coming year and that the Lawful Bank is one way of dealing with things. Don’t wait for the crunch.

So enjoy your Christmas. Spend time with family, friends and maybe those who have neither family or close friends. And remember that more people would prefer to help others and do good than cause unhappiness and suffering etc.

Enjoy your Christmas – whether Christian or not.

Resident declares Forvik Crown Dependency – UK unable to prove claims?

The research into the  Crown continues – and very interesting it is too. If  the documentation that validates our present situation were freely available to view there would be no further questions. However, this blog contains numerous references to things that are not as they seem. Further research unfortunately seems to lead to more dubious matters with the result that anyone who can rationalise in an average manner quickly realises that everything must be questioned. The very foundations of our daily lives are no exception. 

Where are the documents relating to our present relationship with the UK? It can’t be dismissed as “too complex” an issue. This goes to the very bones of our legislative process and if we are really a democracy then the votes of the electorate must be based on easily obtainable information otherwise the whole process becomes something verging on a parody of an Agatha Christie novel where the reader is left in the dark until Poirot suddenly produces all the answers based on details that the reader was unaware of.

Just supposing that the Crown really was composed of Rochschild and Co? Could the the island be dependent on The Bankers who are a law unto themselves? Is that what “Crown Dependency” means? 

Interestingly, a gentleman in Forvik, a Shetland isle, is contending that Shetland does not belong to Scotland. Despite “illegal” actions such as not paying road tax no-one has yet contradicted his action. He didn’t stop there. He has contacted the monarch but there has been no response. Although the situation is slightly different in that Stuart Hill has declared Forvik a Crown Dependency the interesting part is that there appears to be lack of documentation……:

The whole of the UK government’s authority in Shetland rests on the assumption that Shetland is part of Scotland. My research over the past 6 years or so into Shetland’s unique history leads me to the inescapable conclusion that it never happened – and that it could never have happened.

If I am right (and so far, nobody has proved me wrong), the implications are simply huge.

  • It means that the UK government never had the right to appropriate Shetland’s seabed and license oil companies to extract the oil.
  • It means they never had the authority to use Shetland’s fisheries as a bargaining chip to enter the EEC.
  • It means that Shetland has been subject to a massive fraud perpetrated at the highest level for hundreds of years.
  • It means that Shetland could not have been incorporated into the UK, let alone the EU.
  • It means that Shetland’s true status is that of a Crown Dependency with the right to make its own laws, raise its own taxes (if necessary) and do all the things that any offshore island can do.

This website gives the evidence to prove all these statements. Watch the videos, or read my talk. Read my correspondence with the Queen, the Lord Chancellor and the Scottish Government. Nobody has the answer – because it never happened!

To test my ideas, a well-wisher gave me a small island (Forvik). I declared it a Crown Dependency and then spent every penny I had – first to design and build a boat to get access, then to build a house. Forvik is now like Shetland in microcosm. Once the lightbulb went off in my head that Forvik represents the true status of Shetland and that the existing authority is actually an illegal regime, it made it easy to answer questions like ‘Is it legal?’ – ”Don’t you need permission?’ and so on. The most significant point is that there has so far been no official challenge to any of my ‘unlawful’ activities. (I stopped paying Income Tax, VAT and Council Tax, built a house without planning permission, put a car on the road with Forvik number plates and tax disc and various other disobedient actions). The counter at the top of the page tells you how long these have been going on without challenge. The authorities have gone to extraordinary lengths to avoid engaging with me because they know they cannot justify their authority here


“The worldwide money cartel known as the Crown”

The discussion with regard to the definition of the expression the “Crown” continues – in the absence of any definitive and verifiable comment from tptb the discussion MUST continue. In the following very short clip we hear references to “..the worldwide money cartel known as the Crown” as well as “The Crown is the private corporate city state of London.” It seems that this is run by a few powerful families. The research continues…

The Power of the Individual

In a recent interview with Edge Media (Channel 200 on Sky or http://www.emtvonline.co.uk/home.php)  Mike Robinson (UK Column www.ukcolumn.org ) touched on the fact that many, many of us are becoming well-informed about the globalist corruption and agenda. He referred to the fact that a number of members of the team had noticed how taxi-drivers are well-versed in the topic – and obviously taxi drivers are in an excellent position to disseminate the news. Imagine how many people one taxi driver can educate!

It is becoming more and more apparent that people have simply had enough of the fat cats getting away with crime and corruption – well how else can you describe the latest revelations about Goldmann Sachs and others who owe the UK taxpayer billions in tax? – while the rest of us are monitored and controlled to an unhealthy degree. It’s becoming too blatant and too unacceptable to be ignored any longer.

We can all play a part in spreading the word. Brian Gerrish has recommended telling two people a day by way of a chance conversation in the post office – or the taxi maybe. It seems likely that as a reader of this blog you are well-informed. Please don’t keep it to yourself. If you wish to make a difference then please disseminate these things.

The following article touches upon the reasons that so many are becoming aware of the agenda and goes on to explain that the individual has power. This is certainly true, but together we have enormous power. No-one’s suggesting you spend the month occupying Athol Street with chill easterly winds howling along. Please do so if you wish but the most powerful thing we can all do is simply say “no” to the globalist agenda, to proposed Orwellian measures to complicity in so-called wars (where in fact we have been the aggressors and this resulted in untold misery for countless children and civilians). 

Why the globalist agenda is backfiring:


Crime falls again – so why the Orwellian measures?

There has been a further significant fall in the level of recorded crime in the island.

A reduction of 27.1% in domestic burglary has been recorded. As residential areas are not (yet) covered by CCTV it is unlikely that this technology has played any large part in that.

It seems that we were told last year that crime had dropped 40% over a three year period. 92% of respondents say they are happy with the Manx constabulary performance. And once again we are assured that the island is a safe place. All this sounds very reassuring and what reason have we to doubt it? The question is why we continue to make cuts in education and leisure facilities for the young while we persist in erecting ugly Orwellian CCTV/lamps? Isn’t there something very odd going on here? It appears that we have little money available for the provision of sports or cultural facilities for youngsters but we can spend enormous amounts of money on observing them.

The Isle of Man is a safe place to live. It also still has a reasonably good quality of life. This is diminishing as a result of the imported security controls and recommendations we adopt. Let’s appreciate and cherish what we have and save a fortune on further snooping equipment.

PS Does anyone recall the measures – verging on draconian – contained in the Justice Bill? Where on earth did these proposals come from and why were they considered desirable?

Stand and deliver. Daylight robbery and no-one says a word.

The EU is already non-transparent, non-democratic and corrupt it now seeks to demand limitless amounts of money from members and ensure that members pay on demand while also making sure that the EU and those involved in this undeniably dictatorial plan are “immune” from any enquiries. So what? It is further evidence of just how criminal the dealings are within Brussels and how traditional media sources prefer to ignore this.  The UK still finds itself dipping into its already empty pockets when required to do so and we have seen what happens when the UK is short of dosh.

And if that’s not reason enough – we don’t actually know how our relationship with the EU functions – nor do we seem to understand our relationship with the Crown for that matter (previous posts have dealt with this apparent euphemism). What we have learnt so far is that EU legislation filters through the system into the UK which is “harmonising” its laws with the EU. We in turn appear to be copying and pasting legislation from the UK thereby resulting in the adoption of EU legislation it seems.

Tynwald appears to nod through endless EU measures along with US sanctions etc. We need to be sure that anything connected with ESM is not adopted. This appears to be the final nail in the coffin of democracy and sovereignty for EU members.