Proof that the cancer industry doesn’t want a cure – even if it’s a pharmaceutical

A safe and effective cure for cancer has been discovered with a drug that was once used for unusual metabolic problems. Yet, the cancer industry shows no interest with following up on dichloroacetate (DCA) research from University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, reported in 2007. That’s because DCA is no longer patented. (1)

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Are our children safe?

What are your memories of your childhood? For most of us, thankfully, they consist of positive recollections of an innocent time. We probably weren’t angels, but children were children in most cases. We lived in a world that, in the main, was happy to allow us to develop at our own different speeds and no-one was in a hurry to see us grow up. There are those of us who can even recall childhood before the dawn of the “information” era. We were certainly warned about speaking to strangers etc and we obvserved these things without either our parents or ourselves becoming paranoid about possible dangers. At the same time, children wore children’s clothes – not sized-down versions of mum’s Friday night gear. Sex education was not started at an early age and juniors were not given Gardasil vaccine (USA).

In many countries today a more traditional lifestyle continues. Children grow up detached from the “protection” that western society claims to provide. Check out documentaries of less westernised or “less developed” countries for comparison. Do we find that the peoples in these countries are suffering needlessly from rampant terrorist attacks, vandalism and paedophiles? Probably  not. It seems that every country has a certain amount of all these things but, thankfully, they do not dominate life anywhere. However, we are being drilled into vigilance. The message seems to be that political correctness, surveillance (for our protection), scans and pat downs, police checks etc. are essential for society to function safely and fairly. Those of us who can still think for ourselves know that this simply isn’t true. Other countries survive without the controls and the paranoia.

In the UK the population is controlled and observed and checked in order to ensure safety! If you believe that you’d believe anything! Unfortunately, it has now become accepted that the state must interfere in almost everything. This extent of “protection” is simply disempowering. It is also noticeable that countries without a dominant English-speaking population tend to develop all the ills we are being “protected” from at a much later stage (It takes a while for all the western influences to be translated).

The fear mindset which western governments – ok I’ll say it like it is  – mostly US government appears to try to instil is frankly sick – IMO. However, the public appears to find nothing wrong with western governments becoming more and more involved in our daily lives. It seems that the US is so totally out of touch with reality that government agencies even suspect small children of being guilty of carrying out sexual crimes: 

The UK is not spared inteference in children’s lives by authorities. There are strange people in every walk of life and we really need to know exactly what is being taught in schools and why. Brian Gerrish’s latest video, from Swansea – the area known for exceptionally high and abnormal suicides in the young – takes a look at the influences children are exposed to.

It seems the meeting caused concern. A large anti National Front demonstration was outside. An obvious attempt to discredit BG by claiming this association. It is simply not true. Brian Gerrish gives talks to all communities  – including Muslims. What do you do if you wish to ensure that people don’t listen to someone? It’s the oldest trick in the book – you attempt to discredit them. Please don’t be fooled by this nonsense. Listen to what he has to say, and then decide.

Are our children safe?

Child database scandal merits proper media coverage. Please make viral.

Manx Radio can now claim to have covered the Child Database scandal. It appears to have been broadcast at some point:

Was it broadcast at peak listening time? Did it receive the attention this scandalously expensive purchase and public deception deserves? I don’t think so. How about you? And what about the newspapers? Has the story appeared there yet?

This story needs to go viral. Please pass on the following link:

In times of budgetary constraints, this matter requires urgent attention.


Brief report (7). Kate Beecroft to ask CCTV questions in Keys.

Zac Hall raises an interesting topic in next week’s Keys:  He is to ask for a  list of the cables, pipelines, structures etc situated in Isle of Man territorial waters, other than those owned by the Isle of Man Government and goes on to pose further related questions.

At last the CCTV question enters the House. Kate Beecroft is to ask the following questions on Tuesday:

(a) How many recorded crimes were committed in Douglas in the years 2009, 2010 and 2011;

(b) in the Douglas area, how many CCTV systems are deployed by both the statutory bodies and the local authority and how many cameras there are in each system;

(c) how many police requests for footage from these systems were requested in the years 2009, 2010 and 2011;

(d) in how many of all reported crimes in the years 2009, 2010 and 2011 CCTV evidence formed part of the prosecution’s evidence presented in court;

(e) whether there were any cases in which CCTV evidence alone led to a successful prosecution; and

(f) how many crimes were prevented by CCTV cameras in Douglas over this three-year period?

We await the answers, with interest. Hopefully, there will be follow-up questions regarding the cost.

Apropos CCTV – do we really have public CCTV near the Everlasting Bend, a quite rural area, or has this footage been obtained from nearby property owners?

Do drug makers want to keep you sick?

Why are ineffective and dangerous drugs peddled by supposed ‘public health’ organizations in place of well-established natural solutions with virtually zero side effects? The truth of the matter is that drug makers simply would not profit if the world were to awaken to the plethora of free health-promoting substances that beat out over-priced pharmaceuticals and medical interventions. There would be no need for pharmaceutical manufacturers, phony ‘public health’ organizations peddling the latest ‘miracle’ drug, and certainly no research organizations feeding off the donations of good-hearted individuals.

Media silent over secret introduction of £267,500 database?

To clarify:

  1.  Public Consultation 2010 –  there was a public consultation regarding the draft Children Bill (including proposed database of family etc).
  2. 2011 April: Children Bill “scrapped“:  (It must be true, it’s on the BBC)
  3. 2011 July: Martyn Quayle requests £498,000 for new working practices in Department of Social Care, specifically Children and Families. “This work commenced in July 2010 and completed in May 2011…. It included 10 additional staff, improved organisation structure, additional staff training, simplified processes, improved management information and related investment in IT.” 
  4. 2011 October: In Tynwald, Mr Speaker, Steve Rodan began asking for information in support of the case for additional resources for Children and Families Services.
  5. 2011 December: Mr Speaker continues his questioning about additional resources.
  6. 2012 January: Thanks to Steve Rodan’s continued questioning we now learn that a pupil database!!! cost £267,500 to set up.

 The message from the public was clear: No database. The message from government was also clear: It’s been scrapped. So who decided we could afford £267,500 for a database when we are strapped for cash, especially when the public was against it? Above all, why is this database so important to some that it had to be furtively introduced?

Would it be inaccurate to call this deceit, dishonesty and abuse of power? Are Mr Rodan’s questions being followed in the local media? Have we heard outrage over this quite appalling breach of trust? Why not? Is the media gagged?

Has the media been gagged about the implications of the child database?

Journalists at Manx Radio constantly reassure us that there are no reporting restrictions and that they are not gagged in any way. In fact they all seem to be quite adamant about it and appear to be quite aggrieved if anyone suggests otherwise. If anyone out there can refer me to Manx Radio reports about Steve Rodan’s most important questions in Tynwald I would be very grateful. As yet I have been unable to find any reference to the issue of the secret database (If you are told something won’t happen and then it is done without your knowledge, it is secret –  and arguably underhand) and how this quarter of a million project came about, especially in today’s climate of cutbacks and even job losses. Am I the only person out there who considers this to be of mega importance?

To make this absolutely clear:

  • We were told that the database had been shelved because the public objected and there were also budgetary issues.
  • The entire “new working practices”, of which the database was only a part, apparently involved importing technology and agencies
  • We, the public, the electorate, were not informed of the “new working practices”
  • We were not told why they were necessary
  • Martyn Quayle slipped the request for the necessary half million funding into one of the last Tynwald sessions before the summer recess
  • You are now paying for the surveillance of your family by unknown persons – which you didn’t request and which many of us actively rejected
  • The media (as far as I know – if you have evidence to the contrary please supply and I will give the link suitable prominence) have ignored Mr Rodan’s extremely pertinent questioning of the costs. In the present climate of cutbacks the questions are of utmost importance.

If the media only report on certain questions in Tynwald then that is being selective. I am also selective about topics that appear on the blog – no problems there. There is a limit to the amount of news that can be processed.  However, this is a major story. It concerns money (Very important topic) and secret surveillance by unknown parties (How bad is that?). Your money is being used for purposes which no-one appears to have publicly approved. The question is: Who gave the “new working practices”, costing half a million pounds, the go-ahead?

Don’t you also wonder why the above matters aren’t being prominently reported upon? Could it be that there is a restriction on reporting? Is it possible that this blog is not considered to be media and that is why I haven’t been informed? It’s not under a D notice/DA notice is it? How would we know?

I don’t pretend to be informed about these things but from the above link it is obvious that sometimes the media is gagged.

We are (still) allowed to think outside the box.

Racism, sexism, homophobia etc etc are all damned as being a form of bullying and not in line with today’s thinking about personal freedom of choice. Why then are those who think for themselves and prefer not to vaccinate their children, or who prefer not to accept the BBC’s version of the world today, or who perhaps question who really pulls the strings, open for ridicule and persecution by the thought police?

Thinking for yourself and deciding against vaccination is not (yet) a crime. Those who prefer to use their own judgement based on investigation and information must surely feel quite alone these days. They are not:

For those who prefer to place their trust in profit-orientated corporations, please give consdiration to the fact that there is another side to things:

Do the gullible want to give us a guilt-trip? Unvaccinated are lepers?

Oh how easy it has been to brainwash the younger generations. The self-righteous comments on  about those who appear to have rejected vaccination  are sickening and downright scary IMO. Have the younger generations been successfully brainwashed? It would appear so. Although I know that there are still parents who can think for themselves. Presumably they would be safer keeping their opinions to themselves when public condemnation of opt-out parents is so damning. If some wish to consider the child’s long-term immune health they have a right to do so (at the moment). Those who feel that we should all conform to the vaccine indoctrination should spare a moment to consider the fact that the most highly vaccinated nation – the USA – does not fare well in international health comparisons. Quite apart from the auto-immune issue (please see previous post) some feel there is a correlation between highly vaccinated communities and the incidence of cancer.

The CDC is largely responsible for generating the mass public perception that there is greater harm in not “prophylactically” injecting well over 100 distinct disease-promoting and immune-disruptive substances into the bodies of healthy children. They have been successful in instilling the concept into the masses that Nature failed in her design, and that medical and genetic technologies and interventions can be used to create a superior human being.

In this culture of vaccination, the non-vaccinated child is “inferior,” “dirty,” perhaps even “sub-human” to those who look upon vaccination as the answer to what perfects the human immune system.

How many people have really investigated what is contained in the vaccines and how many have considered whether the assault on babies’ and childrens’ immune systems (in which they have no say) is  not perhaps the truly reprehensible act?

Some of us can remember life without constant protection.

I recall how my father, a WWII veteran, reacted with indignation on being informed that wearing seat belts was mandatory. With hindsight I fully understand his reaction. Having been sent to fight and kill total strangers, with whom he had no quarrel, and having been wounded during the process, he discovered that the same ptb wanted to protect him from possible injury by removing his freedom of choice.

Thank goodness he hasn’t had to endure the present removal of rights and freedoms in the interests of “protecting” the population. Does anyone seriously wish to have their freedom so curtailed in order to be safer – not safe of course – because we can never be safe. Road accidents occur all the time. Terrorist attacks occur….not very often. 

Did you notice the latest scare story? MEASLES! Run for the vaccine. Save yourself from this potentially fatal disease being brought to the island from abroad. It may indeed be fatal in a very, very few cases but how many of the innumerable auto immune illnesses that children suffer from, since vaccinations have increased so exponentionally, are also potentially fatal and more prevalent? Diabetes, asthma, allergies etc were rarities in the days when vaccines were few and far between. Whereby measles was a normal childhood illness and everyone I knew recovered from it. Are we trading off natural immunity for safety – endangering our immune reaction in the process? How many children do you know who have some form of chronic illness? A rarity a few decades ago. I’m not talking Dickensian times when lack of hygiene and lack of fresh fruit and vegetables compromised the immune system.  No, the time I’m referring to was just a few decades ago when most children thrived and grew into healthy adults – with little intervention from the state.

Apathy permits the spread  of excessive so-called protective measures. In reality they are restrictions of freedom. What would our forefathers think of this? They sacrificed so much so that we could give it all away and live in a controlled, “safe” environment where we must be protected from every possible threat? Unfortunately, we are not protected from the threat to our freedom –  but only we can put a stop to that.  We can if we have the bottle.

Odds of dying from Measles: 1 in 300,000,000

Odds of a child being in a fatal automobile accident: 1 in 23,000

I don’t have the odds on developing auto immune disease after vaccinations but I know it certainly happened to me.

It’s about control and profits.