It’s your big opportunity. Now’s your chance for open discussion with Roamin CoMin coming to a town near you – Ramsey being the final stop. No point in attending? Many of us must be having similar thoughts.

It seems that our politicians are trying to win us over before the real hatchet work starts. Why do you suppose that is important? After all, it seems that there is a government line and we are all expected to toe it. If members are jettisoned if they don’t agree with government policy what chance does a member of the public have of effecting any changes? However, silence could be construed as agreement and acceptance. For this reason it is essential that we continue to make our feelings known.

These meetings seem to have a common theme. We experience ministers in their Sunday best behaviour. In an effort to woo us they appear charming and concerned only with the good of the many. What choice do they have, poor vicitms of the economic climate? They need our moral support while they pursue their austerity course. Is it really that simple?

Why do we have to follow an austerity course? Did we bail out the banks as in the UK? No. The reason for our poverty is quite simply down to missing dosh. The UK agreed the VAT conditions and then a few years down the line decided it was unfair and grabbed millions back and then returned later for more. Nobody has been held responsible for this. Effectively, we were told to get over it. It’s happened. No point in recriminations. Yet we are now seeing redundancies, pay cuts, reduction of services etc. because someone, somewhere decides that the UK demands are fair.

Viewed from another angle: If the original agreement was simply too generous – then why? Error? Something was gained in return? We can only speculate. Yet while the reasons remain unknown to us we are still expected to sympathise with those who surely do know much more about how this occurred and may even have been severely negligent or complicit. Not to worry, as serfs we are expected to accept the cuts and ask no questions.

Apropos no questions: Don’t question the costs. Any questions relating to money spent on schemes, services rendered or entrepreneurial activities are met with the “confidentiality’ retort. It can’t be revealed. Just keep on stumping up and doing without. We make the decisions. FOI Act? Get real guys, this is not a priority and will be pushed further and further down the line.

So while it seems attending the meeting could be a waste of time it is a sorely needed opportunity to ask some questions and let CoMin know that we aren’t swallowing everything we read or hear from government.



As consumers we have clout. If a company does not fulfil its obligations we can take action against them. Surely the same must apply to an organisation that demands money by menace while not adhering to the conditions within its charter. This has to be a case for the Office of Fair Trading. Strangely, I hear not a squeak from the otherwise so-protective government department. Could this have anything to do with the fact that this is legalised extortion? However, while the BBC has been given the right to demand money by menace (yes, menace – what happens if you don’t pay up?) the following video reveals 10 good reasons why we should cancel the licence.

This is not a payment-dodging tactic it is a suggestion for action that can be taken against the broadcaster based on facts. Number one: BBC is far from unbiased (Unbiased information is a condition of the BBC charter). The video goes on to scrutinise BBC frontmen and looks into the secret NGO cabal that paved the way for the climate change propaganda which the BBC openly admits to, it seems. After all it has declared that there is no supporting evidence to deny climate change and therefore the broadcaster refuses to tolerate sceptics.

The footage has been obtained from varying sources and is well worth viewing.

The second video, an excellent edition of The Corbett Report, looks at the ‘establishment mouthpiece’ and how we can all take action by refusing to pay for our programming. Basically. it’s freeman action, which seems to work. However, if you have doubts about that particular course of action surely we must have a case against the BBC as it is clearly contravening conditions of the charter. Why not simply refuse to pay on the basis that the BBC is not complying with its side of the deal? How would they have a leg to stand on? I wonder how the OFT would advise? 🙂


“Don’t mention the war!” warned Basil Fawlty in the Cleese classic where he managed to seriously upset his German guests as a result of his positive discrimination. Maybe he was right. Perhaps it is better not to mention WWII. While we continue to revisit wartime battles, applaud ourselves for ‘freeing’ Europe and smugly feel we hold the higher moral ground some ‘alternative’ media sites are also stoking up the anti-German fires (actually we fought the nazis, not the Germans), which I strongly suspect to be disinformation.

The awakened are uncovering more and more uncomfortable details about our politicians and the corrupt system and are not to be silenced. Solution? Divert attention, divide and rule. It’s the Germans that are to blame for everything, both now and then – according to some. The Brits of course are always the goodies in these tales. Clear cut it seems. The truth could be a little different. We have been accused of torturing Germans. not to mention the fact that Churchill appears to some to have been a warmonger, he is quoted as seeking war with Hitler.

Peace was not desired – my father, an ex desert rat and D Day veteran, also had this impression. Hess was not alone in trying to negotiate a peaceful solution, other countries also did their best  – all suggestions rejected by our peace-loving country. Interestingly, some Germans (most notably those in the police force) tell us that they have uncovered the fact that the German legislative system is based on the British maritime system, introduced by the allies, and that the Bundesrepublik Deutschland is a corporation! How convenient! (There are also indications that this is no longer legitimate as a result of unification  – but that’s another story).

Not only have we been accused of torture associated with the second world war. We almost obliterated Dresden at at time when victory for the allies was clearly on the horizon. And how can we forget our modern day aggressor, Blair? We have no issues with US aggression nor do we raise an eyebrow when Hilary Clinton blithely refers to civilian deaths as collateral damage. Recent revelations demonstrate that British involvement in Northern Ireland was not all squeaky clean.

Evil is international – amongst the elite. Let’s not be drawn into their divisive games. It’s not about Germans or French or Muslims or Jews. It’s about them and us. The globalists, collectivists and the serfs. United we stand. Divided we fall.

PS Why does Sir Barry Domville, author of From Admiral to Cabin Boy tell of his relief at not being detained in the Isle of Man? Comments please.



Don’t you really love living in a fully democratic society where our members are free to debate issues and free to vote for what they hold to be right and just? I wonder how Bill Henderson feels about our so-called freedom to flourish?


Bullied to Death by the New World Order

By Peter Paul Parker –

The Committee of 100 has been set up by like minded people who are becoming more aware of the attack we are under from our Politicians, our Banksters, their Corporations and the elite group of people who sit above everything guiding human activity for their own privilege of position. These facts can be researched, are now being well documented everywhere, and can be traced back thousands of years. As mentioned before, I am on the Department dealing with health, which is now going under the name of the Ministry of Health. We are currently setting up an infrastructure in the UK for people who want to take what is termed ‘alternative’ medicines for their ailments and encourage the research of relevant information so as to take responsibility for one’s health. More on that when we get more established as the subject is enormous and, at times, controversial, therefore demanding the proper attention. The Ministry of Health is working with the Magna Carta 2015 movement, the British Constitution Group and most importantly, the Lawful Bank. We intend to declare ourselves independent from the tyrannical governance we find ourselves under in 2015. None of us have consented to this tirade and that is a breach of our common law and human rights, which has again been fought for long and hard by the peoples of the British Isles . Until then, we must all survive the onslaught of the NWO and the dangerous goons that are bringing in this agenda.

One example of this agenda is a company called Atos. Atos is an international information technology services company with annual 2011 proforma revenue of EUR 8.5 billion and 74,000 employees in 48 countries. Serving a global client base, it delivers transactional services, consulting and technology services, systems integration and managed services. It works with clients across the following market sectors: Manufacturing, Retail, Services; Public, Health & Transports; Financial Services; Telecoms, Media & Technology; Energy & Utilities. Atos, a French company, has been employed by the Department of Work and Pensions in the UK, to carry out work capability assessments. Thierry Breton is the CEO, who studied at the Harvard Business School. Who are these people and why are they carrying out these assessments?

A network of disabled campaigners calling themselves ‘We are Spartacus’ have formed a group and many stories can be read about the undignified way some of the victims of Atos are being treated. A link to them can be found below. Here is an excerpt of some of the cases that have been highlighted through their research. They pull on the heartstrings and this should not be happening in a so called civilized country.

“My client has had brain damage since a massive haemorrhage/coma at the age of 22. This has left him with a short term memory of 20 minutes. He doesn’t remember me, or my voice, and keeps extensive diaries of daily events so he can record what he has to do. He has been found capable of work 3 times, and on one occasion he lost his home, because he couldn’t remember what he had to do to appeal. (IS stopped, so I presume HB stopped, although we will never know as he doesn’t remember).”

And another example:

“I have a brain tumour and was left disabled because I had the left side of my cerabellum amputated, because of this my balance and co ‘ordination to my left side is shot coupled with the fact that all the cancer could not be removed I am also terminally ill, I DID NOT MAKE IT INTO THE SUPPORT GROUP. I was told I should be working in a set period of time, funny as it was the same as my lifespan, I contacted my MP who was luckily an x GP and gave him permission to look at my medical notes he was disgusted and got my decision reversed I am now in the support group. The letter from the DWP stated that I was not terminally ill for the purposes of benefit entitlement.”

And another:

“I have just got back from my esa medical. I was made to do things that caused me severe pain, despite telling the lady that I would be in great pain if I attempted to do this. She told me I had to do it otherwise she would have to say that I refused and that the decision makers class refusing to take part in the activity as “able to work”. She actually said and I quote ”It’s like the drink driving test, if you don’t do the test your automatically classed as failing it.”

And finally:

“Karen Sherlock, 44, was put in the Work Related Activity Group in 2010. Where she was required to attend interviews, work-related activity etc.

She suffered from Diabetic Autonomic Neuropathy (gastric causing unpredictable and severe diarrhoea), Gastropaerisis (causing unpredictable and severe bouts of vomiting), Diabetic Retinopathy, partially sighted (loss of peripheral vision in both eyes and some central vision in left eye), Heart condition, Chronic Kidney Disease, Vitamin B12 Deficiency, Anaemia, Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Hypothyroidism, Asthma and Chronic tiredness due to multiple illnesses.

Her husband Nigel said it was a disgrace she was refused benefits and said her battle finally took its toll on her health.

Last year she lost a long process of appeal against the decision but continued her campaign. In April 2012, as a result of the time-limiting of ESA to one year, her £96-a-week benefits were stopped, plunging her into despair as her health deteriorated.

She won her appeal a few weeks ago and she was finally put in the Support Group.

She died eight days later on 8 June.”

These same types of assessments, again carried out by Atos, are shortly to be extended to almost three million people currently receiving Disability Living Allowance.

Astonishing as this is, it gets deeper. Scope, Mencap and Mind are referring disabled people to the Department of Work and Pensions to face benefit sanctions if they are judged to have not complied with the demands of the work programme. ‘We are Spartacus’ are assimilating this information and we should get behind them in any way we can.

An e-petition by Christopher Gare needs to be publicised. He is calling on the Government to investigate the Department for Work and Pensions and the relevant MP’s for corporate manslaughter. The reasoning behind this is because the sanctions are leading to 70 deaths of sick or disabled people each week. These deaths have occurred while the victims were passing through the assessment process and this demeaning and dehumanising action is obviously pushing them over the edge. Here is the article and has the link to the petition.

Atos was paid more than £112 million in the last financial year to carry out the 738,000 face to face medical tests on benefits claimants. These measures were introduced by the Labour government as a pilot and carried on by the coalition. This also highlights the fact that it doesn’t matter which puppets you elect into the Palace of Westminster, the same agenda carries on behind the scenes. How many more people need to die before we start saying no to this eugenics programme. These poor victims are being bullied to death by the New World Order.

Unfortunately, this goes even deeper. The Advertising Standards Authority upheld a complaint against Atos for making misleading claims and not being able to substantiate them. And still the Government carries on supplying Atos with new contracts. It would seem there is a little more than incompetence going on here. This is called corporate fascism.

As the order of the world we know falls into chaos and uncertainty, we are working behind the scenes as an alternative to this tyranny. The Committee of 100 is building structures in the background to enable us to walk away from these parasites for good. The Eugenics movement is sick and needs to be highlighted and the perpetrators arrested for crimes against humanity. The Banking industry is well documented as designed to fail. The pharmaceutical industry is just for corporate profit and is killing people. The list is never ending. We need a secure infrastructure to go to, and we are working on it. There is hope.

On a spiritual note, I personally believe we are here on this beautiful earth to learn. We receive messages from our fellow human beings and animals to help and guide us on our learning process, irrespective of irrelevant worldly imperfections, colour or creed.  The judgement of anyone as surplus to requirement, and whether their imperfections are useful, is evil and really needs to be addressed. Do something good today. Get behind the ‘We are Spartacus’ movement and help rid this disgraceful corporation called Atos from our world. The links are below.


Ted Heath’s paedophilia and the disposal of his abused victims has been frequently mentioned by online media. These allegations were made while he was alive and he made no attempt to refute them. Online news sources continue to cover stories of high-level paedophiles, often pointing out how malleable political perverts become. GCHQ can do its utmost but frankly this stuff is not going away. So if you can’t prevent discussion of this topic you might have to seek another solution: How about sacrificing the ‘reputation’ of the dead and admitting that stories of political paedophiles are true while at the same time ensuring that the Brits get a clean bill of health and a bit of Brasso on the halos? This could be achieved by hauling out the old arch-enemy  – the Germans! That is simply my opinion.

Make up your own mind about the following interview with Michael Shrimpton, barrister, former Tory MP with an insight into British intelligence. MS also spells out how Heath made life easy for his handlers:


If it’s good enough for David Cameron then I suppose our politicians could be expected to accept the situation too. And IMO they do. According to reports in the UK media DC frequently learns of policy decisions when he hears them on the news. Who on earth would be responsible for this situation? Who is dealing with these decisions? Civil servants, of course.

the most worrying assertion by Mr Hilton is that perhaps 40 per cent of  Whitehall activity takes place on the direct order of Brussels, by-passing our  representatives in Parliament altogether.

Read more: us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Sound familiar? There we have the Justice Bill containing a barely disguised version of the European Arrest Warrant and it seems that the minister was not aware of this. We know that legislation is copied and pasted from the UK – and where is UK legislation coming from? The EU, naturellement.

I stand by my previous comments regarding puppets and puppet masters, the might of the advisors and the ever-increasing ‘harmonising’ with UK (=EU) legislation. These are not conspiracy theories. To believe anything to the contrary is being in denial.


So Savile was a satanist. Not at all surprising. Unfortunately, paedophilia has frequently been linked to satanism. Despite the mainstream revelation it seems that the media is taking further damage limitation action. We are told he was a satanist who worked alone. He was just a weirdo we are led to believe. Furthermore, we are informed that prime ministers, royalty and the well-heeled who hung out with this pervert knew nothing about his so vile tendencies. Operation Yewtree continues to pick up has-been celebrities and deceased politicians. How convenient that the investigators have managed to draw a blank at present-day political paedos. These people operate in all levels of society and the well-heeled and influential can operate with impunity. That’s the only difference between plebs and political paedos.

A BBC documentary, The Secret Life of a Paedophile, informs us how charismatic paedos worm their way into high-level positions working with children – in advisory roles.

We must have transparency in Isle of Man child protection services. We need to know what is going on.

View it if you can stomach it: