What is going on with our weather? Presently, it is very chilly in the Isle of Man with temperatures of 13C, in late May. Other areas, such as California, are experiencing heatwaves and drought. Curiously, it seems that it is almost as if a vertical line had been drawn through the United States. The states to the east of this line are experiencing quite the opposite. Sound familiar? Something like the freak snow which only the west of the island experienced a couple of years ago?

In the following presentation we learn that the agencies which monitor air quality simply do not have the equipment to measure particulates, while other agencies are puzzled by particulates that they have discovered.



So let’s make a start. As mentioned in the previous post, I am not a health professional and therefore do not attempt to offer advice. But since many have asked me about the steps I took to recover my health these posts will focus on methods I tried  – or considered. Not necessarily in chronological order.

The motivation to ditch the doctors and the drugs was enormous. Things had come to a crunch and I decided nothing could be worse than the situation I was in. I actually began addressing the various symptoms instead of seeing the whole thing as an illness. In itself, that was a huge step forward. To be free of the doctor’s appointments, the sitting in stuffy waiting rooms – full of virus-laden patients – was also a huge boost. What a relief! I was now completely in charge and there was no need to justify my decisions, politely phrase my questions etc etc.  I still had a stockpile of medication. I did not immediately stop using that. That came later.

The question is, do you derive some kind of comfort from knowing that the ailments from which you suffer (Please never call it ‘my illness’) have a name? If you have searched for a diagnosis for a long period of time, it can certainly be a relief to discover the medical term for the disease. However, I was now happy to relinquish the title. I simply had a series of ailments to address.

I figured that anything that made life easy for my body couldn’t be so bad. Fortunately, I didn’t smoke, was too unwell to drink alcohol and had a reasonably healthy diet anyway. And luckily I was also very in tune with my body. I believe that the more you care for your health the more in tune with your body you become. So for me it is a given that vegetables and fruit (preferably organic) should be given high priority. And if your body is struggling, why make it even more difficult by abusing it with nicotine or excessive alcohol?

Strangely, many will happily waste money on any number of things but immediately question the value of quality food and water. I was serious about getting out of the situation I was in, so I didn’t hesitate to obtain what I felt was necessary. Let’s start with water. Drinking sufficient water has so many benefits. Here on the Isle of Man we have a great local supply.

Here is what Dr Mercola, a natural health expert, has to say about the benefits of drinking water:

  • Supports digestion – Drinking clean water helps your digestive system break down the food you eat and enhances your rate of metabolism.
  • Promotes circulation – Water makes up most of your blood, which is responsible for transporting nutrients to every cell.
  • Lubricates and supports your joints – Potable water enables you to move your joints more freely and comfortably. It prevents you from having sprains and cramps.
  • Maintains the health of the skin – Increasing your water intake helps condition and moisturize your skin, giving you a youthful appearance.
  • Aids nutrient absorption – The presence of clean water allows for more rapid absorption of nutrients in your body.
  • Sustains elimination – Drinking water helps get rid of your metabolic wastes more easily and more quickly, thus it is important for weight management. It also presents an effective way of curbing your appetite because it keeps you feeling hydrated and less hungry to binge on carbs and other fattening food.
  • Regulates the temperature of your body – When you drink water, it keeps your body temperature under control and gives you more energy when doing physically demanding tasks.
  • Cleanses off the toxins from your body – Detoxification is one of the benefits that you get from drinking clean water. The fluid removes harmful substances from your body.

Here he expands on the topic. How much should we drink? What kind of water? Symptoms of dehydration etc. I still make sure that I drink plenty of water on a daily basis. It’s the foundation for everything else, in my opinion. (Note the constant disclaimers etc? )

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Freedom from pain and illness must surely be right at the top of the wishlist for all those suffering chronic pain and disease. Many sufferers of chronic illness consider their GP to be the first port of call. This usually results in our leaving the practice with a prescription clutched in our hands to be presented to the pharmacist asap. But is this the only possible course of action? Does it result in good health? Or is it simply a way of living with an illness that simply does not go away?

Having been in this situation I can tell you that I explored new avenues, was open to giving consideration to most natural healing methods and employing a wide variety of dietary changes. supplements and lifestyle changes I ditched the drugs (prescribed of course) and began to feel a whole lot better.

I’m not suggesting that anyone abandon their doctor forthwith but I very much hope that those who take charge of their health will discover that the regular doctor visits are superfluous and that the drugs can be dumped.

Are you ready to take charge of your health? It seems that many feel disempowered, according to Dr Lissa Rankin. Many are content to transfer responsibility for their health to the doctor and sit back and wait for the fix to kick in. If you are ready to become proactive, informed and ready to regain your mojo then watch this space. 😉

It requires determination, dedication and doggedness. The rewards can be amazing.

PS I am not a doctor and am unable to offer anyone advice regarding their health issues. However, several people have suggested I pass on details of things I have tried. A natural practitioner suggested I write a book. The amount of material I intend to post might well fill a book but I hope that blogging will make things more accessible.

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So has anyone got the picture yet? Elections are a distraction. Not to be mistaken for achieving any real change in our lives. Facebook is constantly full with optimistic comments from those who somehow assume that those who have behaved so abominably over the last term of government will be unceremoniously booted out and somehow, somewhere we will obtain the good, honest, trustworthy members we deserve. Well, please check out Douglas South. Did the electorate look for new blood? No. And even if you did – well unfortunately you were outnumbered. So please do not be surprised if the same pattern plays out at the General Election.

Real change does not take place in the Polling Booth. Or to quote Mark Twain: If voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.

Change will be achieved by ensuring that those corporations, banks and wealthy families which have the globe in a stranglehold finally receive the treatment they deserve. Not by violent means but by carefully choosing which products to purchase, which companies should benefit from our patronage and by ensuring that we hit them where it hurts most. Right in their pockets.

McDonalds closing numerous restaurants worldwide because they do not serve what today’s discerning customers seek. This is the way forward. Along with finding and supporting and using every viable alternative we can find. Alternative therapies, alternative energy, alternative horticulture – with emphasis on local producers.

Today’s Malarkey will be forgotten in the sands of time. Another exercise in conning us into believing that we have real choice and that a different MHK will turn things around. The real change is taking shape outside of the puppet theatre, in my opinion.


Why the search for alternatives? Without alternatives the system will continue and that is for me, and many others, an unacceptable scenario. How fortunate we were that the Ukraine situation was defused. Had this not been the case World War Three would have been playing out right in the centre of Europe. Far removed from those who were pushing to initiate war. ( I am not referring to Russia btw.).

The following documentary and the soldier’s testimony must surely be a very good reason to take a look at what is really going on and why we need to focus on alternatives.

Like many others I used to blindly accept that we supported the good guys. I accepted that intervention was necessary in conflict areas. And the thought that a number of conflicts were actually induced by third parties never crossed my mind. Those who did not adhere to this line of thought were obviously leftie dissidents, I reasoned. Well, thank goodness I woke up!

The following videos are not easy viewing. However, I would suggest that anyone who blindly supports anything that emanates from western powers, without question, needs to check these out before silently acquiescing to the use of further military force anywhere in the world. Do we really need to invade so many countries in order to protect ourselves? Defence is quite another matter.

And by the way, when local politicians blindly support sanctions placed on certain countries are they not also playing a part in things?

The subtitles could be better, but I think it gives the gist.

Action has, imo, nothing to do with violence or rioting. The revolution I envisage is peaceful but effective. (McDonalds currently closing a number of outlets worldwide. People seek healthy food. Get the idea?).