Do you prefer this?     :blue sky

Or this?   050

Which tends to spread out and produce this:sky gunk

If you prefer the first picture you might need this:doncroftcloudbuster

And maybe some earth acupuncture, as can be viewed in the following video. (German soundtrack but mostly visual evidence anyway). It shows a heavily polluted sky at the outset. Following the construction of the organite-producing earth acupuncture the pollution begins to dissipate and normal clouds appear. There is a short thunderstorm – which the speaker assures us is the normal, desired effect as this clears the air and pollution. At some point the Bundeswehr (German military) appear with a couple of helicopters – as predicted. And later a police helicopter hovers overhead – also predicted. The speaker goes on to inform us that the Bundeswehr always appear because clearing the pollution affects the net of transmissions emitted from telephone masts, which is used by the military.

Does earth acupuncture sound a bit too way out? It is a well known fact that churches were built on leylines. Leylines can be compared to the lines of energy within our bodies. Don’t want to accept that one either? Without electricity in our bodies, our heart wouldn’t function. Western medicine prefers to ignore the meridians, however.

While orgonite structures are known to be effective against aerial pollution and weather manipulation, I hope to find out more about earth acupuncture. Watch this space.




Happy New Year to government trolls and shills who appear to be about in force. This has to be a positive sign. We have them worried. We know that MHKs are very sensitive about what is said online. A curious thing really because they sometimes appear to do as they please. My guess is that the sensitivity to personal comments is based on concern about re-election chances.

However, the troll/shill issue presumably has another reason. In the face of increasing online dissent from the masses they feel a need to gain control of the situation somehow. The usual method is to take part in online discussion, preferably under multiple identities, attempt to display some sort of inside knowledge and then throw in dismissive comments and red herrings at an appropriate time. It is sometimes effective. I have seen discussions come to an abrupt halt following a few dismissive comments. Yet pursuing the matter and asking further questions has effectively put an end to this at times. Obviously, the idea behind this is to convince the masses that there are many pro-government people around and that pursuing issues is pointless  – as well as leading us up the garden path.

Well. dear shills, some of us can spot you a mile off and therefore block or ignore you. Personally, I find that ignoring you is most effective.

Happy New Year to all switched on online debaters. Keep up the pressure.