Have been aware of some form of hacking on the blog since my last post. I wonder why? If I was looking for confirmation of what disturbs these guys the most, I seem to have hit the nail on the head. In a nutshell the message was: Ignore election hype. Stop supporting corrupt corporations and start looking out for yourself. This line of thinking makes sense to many of us, so keep checking the blog for further posts in this vein.

There is surely nothing to lose by checking out a free online summit on self-reliance. Sounds promising. It’s a start anyway:



So which horse are you backing in the US election? If your answer is ‘no one’ then you are obviously switched on. As the hype continues and increases it successfully holds the attention of so many around the world. If you have no vote in the US then forget it anyway. Pursue research that will benefit you and your family. This is a complete diversion and time-waster. And never forget: the President of the United States has already been selected!

As for getting bogged down in the ‘alternative’ media – well, that’s a minefield if ever there was one. Disinfo is the name of the game. Throw some well-known facts into the article/interview to assure readers/ viewers that you are the real deal and then slip in the  crucial COINTELPRO content. The red herrings and the ‘low down’ on the ‘fakes’. This article gives some insight into the complexity of this sector:


However, there are sometimes some interesting pieces of information to be gleaned from these people. The knack is to be discerning, critical and do the homework. But the only topic that really grabs my attention at present is How to Exit the Matrix. And the results of this ongoing research will appear on the blog on a regular basis.

Anyone who seeks ‘power’ is suspect, in my opinion. We are the power, after all. So to reiterate a tip from some time ago: Use your power. Stop supporting the multi-national corporations which pull the strings. Buy local as far as possible. Purchase from those whose ethics you approve of. If everyone did that we could quickly turn things around.

PS With all the intrigues, secret organisations, secret meetings etc., which actually oil the wheels of politics, is it rational to believe that your vote actually achieves anything? Some candidates may be more of a pushover than others for the powers that be, but even Hillary takes her ‘advice’ from the Council on Foreign Relations.



Election time 

The countdown is under way. it is almost five years since http://www.freeasthysweetmountainair.wordpress.com was born. The impulse to start the blog was connected with a desire to look at the real issues involved in today’s political scene. The concept was centred around global politics because no man is an island! And globalist demands are ever increasing and more invasive, and arguably, more covert.

The candidate

Soon the canvassing hopefuls will be ringing doorbells again and hoping to convince us all that they, and only they, can improve things. Sadly, this is simply not true. When did a backbencher last have a momentous impact on our lives? As a backbencher you are out in the cold. But can those involved in departments make waves? Not really. If they don’t toe the line they may soon find that their cushy number in the department, with accompanying remuneration, disappears. Little wonder then that we see little change in the status quo.

The voter

Unfortunately, it seems that voters are looking for a saviour and hero/heroine who will take on the system and listen to the appeals of the electorate to improve things. How often do we have to go through this procedure in order to learn that this is not a possibility?

In the past I have been urged to stand as a candidate but what point would there be when the system remains the same? in any case I do not consider myself to be politician material. However, it is noticeable that people are looking for someone to pin their hopes on. In actual fact each of us already has someone to pin our hopes on – ourselves.

We are change

As long as we conform to the system and do not seek alternatives we continue to hold it in place by our actions. It is known as ‘learned helplessness’. We ask,’What can we do? The system is stacked against us.’ Many believe that If things could be changed, someone would have done it by now. However, that is not the case. There are examples of how public response has changed things.

Take McDonalds. This ‘restaurant’ chain has expanded right around the globe. Until recently, that is. Now the outlets are reducing in number. There are fewer McDonalds around. Why? Because many people decided they wanted to eat more healthy food and shunned Big Macs etc. We do have the power. Both globally and locally.

This blogpost forms the start of a series based on research into how to become more self-sufficient and how we can remove our support from a system that is past its sell by date. Pick and choose. Not every suggestion will be your cup of tea but there may well be a number that are. And if we all stop searching for our heroes and saviours and take action to help ourselves this could be far more effective than hoping for ‘change’ or voting for the ‘devil you know’.

‘If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.’