Adopting methods from further afield?

As mentioned in the previous post we do not have a monopoly on non-transparent and rushed legislation. According to the Danish MEP Jens Peter Bonde, the Lisbon Treaty that the Irish had been asked to vote on for a second time – it seems they gave the wrong answer the first time – was not a treaty but a list of amendments which it was impossible to read in that form. He tells us that Prime Ministers signed the document that they had not read because it was simply impossible to do so. He also states that it was not a treaty but 300 pages of amendments referring to 3000 other pages of treaties.

He goes on to explain that they decided in the Council that no institution in the Union was to be permitted to print a consolidated version of the so-called treaty before it had been approved by all 27 member states. According to Mr Bonde there was a unanimous decision in the EU Constitutional Affairs Committee that a reader-friendly, consolidated version should be made available. However, it seems that “higher powers” decided not to allow this. Mr Bonde tells us the order is “sign, read afterwards.”

Please also take the time to watch the following EU video entitled: Creeping EU Totalitarianism where we see the fury that erupts following an attempt by around 80 MEPS to achieve a referendum. Please watch. Again there are references to secrecy. Did they show this on mainstream news? I didn’t see it.

So where is this all coming from? Well, there would seem to be influences from further afield. If the above is correct then it seems impossible to see how it could be described as a democratic decision. The EU does impact on our daily lives. To what extent we are required to adopt legislation is unclear. No doubt some will quote Protocol 3 and that we must simply observe this in order to trade with the EU. Do any of our members/candidates know exactly how this functions and to what extent we are compelled to adopt legislation? It is essential they do know this and can explain it to us. I would suggest that some need to wise up and stop being too dependant on advice. They work for us – but some seem to have forgotten.

Can your candidates answer the above question?


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