BBC insider spills the beans

In the following video ‘BBC staff reporter of 25 years Robin Aitken discusses the BBC’s immense global influence, the BBC’s iron grip on British society, plus the BBC’s inherent liberal-Left bias. ‘ Although he largely refers to the excessive leftist viewpoint prevalent at the BBC and the related issues of extreme political correctness and the bias that results from that, he also refers to the fact that there is no overt plan to present the news in this way. It is much more subtle. He explains that the selection of staff has been pivotal in achieving the present situation.

Aitkens goes on to say that the resultant climate at the BBC has the effect of restraining those with different opinions – quite simply because of the subtle but predominating left-liberal tilt throughout the company. If employees don’t rock the boat they retain a pleasant, comfortable job. This is very similar to Peter Sissons’ story. We have two insiders who relate very similar stories about BBC bias. It is beginning to sound plausible isn’t it? It seems we are being made to pay for propaganda. Is that really what the Isle of Man needs?


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