Mr Robertshaw convinced a number of people, prior to his re-election, that he would be in favour of reforms in the area of child protection. Conversations with CR at that time left the impression that he was against the bullying tactics (so it appears) employed. He appeared well-informed and wised-up. Did he ever openly state that he would introduce transparency? I’m not sure that he did. Whatever the minister stated at the time it is now fairly clear that no positive reforms are to be introduced. The SS reigns supreme, or so it seems.

Can I explain how things work in more detail? Not really. After all the whole setup has been shrouded in secrecy from the outset. The NWP (New Working Practices)were introduced at the very end of the term of office and then only mentioned because of the necessary half a million pound budget increase required to be able to run the covert practices.

Confidentiality essential? Maybe, but only if there is some form of outside scrutiny – and that’s the issue. We were told there is to be a commission of enquiry into the legal position. Has the Data Protection Office been consulted about things and is this run in accordance with Data Protection principles? Who can tell? No further news of the commission has been publicised.

What if parents are wrongly accused of abuse? How can they protect themselves and their children? And they do need to be able to protect their children. The NWP are run by a UK agency with no legal status, accountability or scrutiny here. This is heavy stuff. Really heavy. And what happens if some of those involved should turn out to be closet paedophiles? How would we know what is going on? Far-fetched? When we hear of organised paedo rings in the UK government (what happened to Tom Watson’s question btw?) then more information about the cloak and dagger department is essential. And even if there is some form of scrutiny – what happens if those scrutinising are paedophiles?

As more and more celebrities are wheeled out as a result of Savile revelations the investigation into politicians is conspicuous by its absence.

It’s time to ask some straight questions of those in charge:

1. Jack Dromey and Harriet Harman: you are leading lights in Unite. Will you now unreservedly condemn Peter Tatchell’s support for PIE?

2. David Cameron: you told the luckless Philip Schofield that you didn’t want gays to be victimised. Here is a gay encouraging exactly that. Are you going to comment?

3. Ed Miliband: you know perfectly well that Labour’s local Parties and Councils are hiding places for paedophiles. Are you going to muck out the stable?

4. Plod: You know that arresting showbizz stars is window dressing. When are you going to stop licking arse and start kicking arse?

5. MSM: When are you going to stop applauding Lord McAlpine, and start writing proper journalism about systemic sex-abuse of our children?

6. Lord Mandelson, Michael Heseltine, Shaun Woodward and Peter Tatchell: for the good of genuinely innocent gays, would you care to comment on the limits of your sexual interests?

7. Prominent tweeters: when is one of you going to face McAlpine out and have a day in Court?

If our child ‘protection’ system has been handed on a plate to an unaccountable and opaque UK outfit then more information is essential.

The message so far seems to be that paedos are plebs not politicians. Don’t believe it. Demand answers.



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