Ever tried listening to binaural beats? They can provide swift transportation into the theta brain wave state. I can vouch for the effectiveness of certain binaural products. Zoom – extreme relaxation in a deep meditative state in no time at all. Plagued by sleep problems at the time I was impressed by this technology. However, I began to wonder whether this innovative brainwave could be used for other purposes. If your brain state can be changed so effectively and so quickly, what else might be included in these programmes?

Frequencies come in various sizes and guises, it seems. The Lily wave being perhaps the most interesting:

Dr. Lilly developed a new electrical wave form to balance the current, first in one direction and then, after a brief interval, in the other……… This new wave form was called a balanced bidirectional pulse pair, or the Lilly Wave. Microscopic studies of brains stimulated with this balanced pulse pair showed that there was no injury of the neuronai networks from this kind of stimulation.

Ostensibly for animal experimentation,  it seems the exceptional aspect of this wave is that it is cannot be detected and is not damaging to tissue. But we are told it can piggyback other frequencies:

The Lilly Wave called a balanced bidirectional pulse pair invented by John Cunningham Lilly is a carrier waveform that bypasses the mind’s subconscious defense systems. It has been monitored via oscilloscopes connected to homes A/C ground and neutral of power lines. It can be used to transmit mind control via ultrasonic (1 – 10MHz) and electromagnetic wavelengths (600m to 1e-15m). (Rense, 2003)

Who needs HAARP? Mind control through an A/C socket?:

It seems that some of us are more susceptible to frequency mind control than others. However,

the Lilly wave can be neutralized via pink or white noise generators connecting to the non-voltage A/C ground and neutral of the homes power grid. (Rense, 2003)

This is becoming way too technical for me. But one thing I can really connect with is that consciousness is the most effective repellant. TV can have a hypnotic effect. Some simply cannot tear themselves away from the box. This device, emitting Electro Magnetic Frequencies at the very least, is permitted in most homes. A complete stranger. Why do we trust it? Who knows what we are really listening to? Are those who consume large amounts of TV programming more susceptible to the propaganda because of the frequencies used? Does this explain why some simply cannot question mainstream media?

I’ve ditched the binaurals btw.



  1. Thank you for this blog posting. I have just recently learned of the Lilly Wave. I too am very suspecting and refrain from watch more than a couple of hours of tv a week. I wonder what all the time on my computer does though? Like you said, being aware of the problem is a big hand up in the battle. I am wanting to find out now how I can measure my homes A/C ground and neutral for this issue. Hope to see you delve further into this Lilly Wave in your future posts.

  2. Hi, I believe this is not able to effect you if you clean the fungus off your skin they have been chemical spraying on us for months. It’s a type of gmo candida that sits on the skin and is a very sticky substance. The more fungus you have, the more particles in the air will stick to your skin and turn your body into an antenna. Try using soap with lactic acid and scrubbing it off your body while sitting in epson salts. I noticed an immediate change the first day and it got better slowly each day until the emf noise is no longer affecting me. You also need to detox heavy medals out of your body. There are a few ways to tell if you have this fungua. One is after you take baths there is black goo stuck to the sides and it’s almost impossible to get out. 2. Your pores on your chest have black stuff in them. 3. Young age and 1 magical beeched white hair always pops up at leat once a month. 4. In the whites of your eyes there is a target bullseye from the red cracks in your eyes. 5. You are unable to eat or never hungry.

  3. P.s. I have spent over 5000$ in the past 6 months since this emf started affecting me. I have sound barrier sheeting and aluminum meshing around my entire room. I can’t even hear anything outside anymore, not even traffic and im on a busy road.. but it still drove me insane and had no effect. The biggest change I noticed was the sound barrier sheeting in from of the electrical sockets.

    I created a huge faraday cage thing for my computer with 25 foot cords so I wasn’t anywhere near it. I used to go into that room and insaltantly lock up and go insane. It was inbarable.

    Now I go in there and I can’t even tell if the computer is on…

    I wrapped my entire fridge in alumin sound proofing board and more. I knew it was that damn fridge !!

    I took it all off and few days ago and I was in the kitchen talking about how great I feel while leaned up against the fridge and i didbt even notice it was on. Believe me when i tell you i had starred to freeze watwo botters at jight so i could out them in the fridge during thr dat so it would run less because when it turned on it drove me insane.

    There is something on your skin and you need to get it off. I wonder if all the children born that they say are autistic, really just have this fungal skin infection too. They are doing it to us I believe on purpose.

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