‘An Equality Bill, based on the UK Equality Act of 2010, is already in the drafting process and will deal with discrimination of this kind. I have asked that preparation of this legislation be accelerated.’ States the Chief Minister.

Believe me, I am not prejudiced against gays but I would just like to ask what kind of protection is afforded to those with children, benefit recipients and even pet-owners, who are regularly discriminated against when it comes to property rental applications. Furthermore, while it is politically correct to express indignation and outrage at this matter, because gay discrimination is absolutely not ok, it is perfectly in order to denounce those following their own particular conscientious beliefs as ‘bigots’, it seems. Where is the protection of the laypreacher’s rights?

I am so tired of being told what to think and what I should believe is right or wrong. The outrage over this issue is simply over the top. How many parents, desperately seeking a roof over the heads of the family are turned down because the landlord does not want children, benefit recipients etc. Yet how many of us demonstrate outrage about this?

Mr Bell quickly stepped in to assure us that the legislation is being rushed through. What a pity we can’t just adopt the Freedom of Information Act from the UK in similar fashion! Balance is long overdue.



  1. Couldn’t agree more, it is time to take back our human rights instead of the big government interfering in our lives to suite their own agenda.

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